Thanksgiving Holiday Week of Healthy, Vegan and Gluten Free Recipes and Menu PlannerThe week is upon us where we are traveling, shopping, hanging with friends and family and yes eating. For about 5 days, food is the centerpiece so it’s important to plan well. Getting your grocery list in order, assigning dishes to guests for a potluck or even just so that you can try out all the fun things you’ve seen on pinterest, it’s important to plan your week of cooking accordingly. And we’ve done that for you!

Check out a full week of holiday deliciousness fit for vegans, gluten free eaters and all special diets. Tons of flavor and holiday flare, we’ve worked out the menu so all you have to do is shop, cook and enjoy the week!

Ready, set cook!

Thanksgiving Eve

Eat light because you don’t want to get a head start on gorging! You’ll have plenty of time to do that all 4 day weekend long!

Thanksgiving Day

Let the feast begin!





Black Friday

You need your energy to fight the crowds, so start your day with a superfood smoothie along with a Pumpkin-ana Flax Muffin. Take a Pumpkin Spice Latte to go and pack leftovers for a lunch break so you don’t have to deal with food courts and crappy fast food!

Saturday & Sunday

Get creative with your leftovers and brunch it up!

Make time to work out, monitor portion control and enjoy your holiday!!!

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