The original, flagship show – The Healthy Voyager! A travel show that proves
that regardless of your dietary restrictions, you can get out there and experience all the world
has to offer. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or just maintaining your weight, The Healthy Voyager shows you meals
around the globe as well as tips on how to order and stay fit while you’re away from home.
The Healthy Voyager has been from Kansas City to Kenya and everywhere in between. Keep
checking back for new cities, food & adventures!

Taste Awards WINNER Best Health & Fitness Program 2018

Taste Awards Hall of Fame Honoree 2017

Taste Awards WINNER Best Organic or Green Show 2016Taste Awards Winner

Best Latino Youtuber Tecla Award
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Taste Awards Nominee 2013, 2014 & 2015
Best Travel Show
Best Organic or Green Show
Best Health and Fitness ShowTaste Awards Nominee 2013
TripFilms – Trippy Award Winner 2011
Travel Bites Award: Best Food Video 
Host of the Year Nominee

CitizenTV – Best Travel Show

Top Talent
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New Episodes Coming Soon:

London, San Francisco,
Norway, Ireland, Portugal, the Galapagos,
Asheville, Charlotte, Burning Man, D.C., Philadelphia, Rome,
Atlanta, Cape May, Bogota, Dubai, North Pole,
Montreal, Quebec, Sri Lanka, Russia, Bavaria and more!