fresh startHas life reached a point where you wish you could just press rewind and start over? No one ever said that life would be easy, and most are aware that there are peaks and valleys along the journey. Yet, when you’ve gone through so much that it has compromised your safety, health, or well-being in any way, it may be time for a change. Sometimes, changing only requires you to alter your attitude and adjust your lifestyle habits, but in more serious circumstances, changing may require relocating for a fresh start. a

Some Things Are Better Off in the Past

Not everyone needs to go to such measures to start over after a bad experience or long-period of trials and tribulations. Yet, there are some who simply need to get away from their old surroundings in order to evoke true change. Examples might include someone who just struggled with substance abuse and completed their addiction treatment program, an individual who was in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship and lives in the same town as their ex, or someone who perhaps is struggling financially.

These are just the extreme cases. There are lots of other reasons a person may consider a fresh start. Being tired of your current surroundings, the inability to secure your dream job, being far away from your loved ones and a host of other reasons could drive someone to want to pack up and leave everything they once knew behind.

How to Find the Best Town

If you’re going the new you new city route, you’ll want to keep these things in mind when looking for the perfect place to relocate to.

Cost of Living – There’s no sense in relocating to a city or town you can’t afford to live in. This only adds to your stress and doesn’t make for a great fresh start. It is best instead to live well within or below your means. So, do some comparative research to determine which towns are the most affordable.

Demographics – You may not be able to learn the facts about everyone in a particular town before moving there, but you should know some basics. If you’re a single, young adult, for instance, you probably wouldn’t want to move into a town filled with families or seniors. Is the city diverse? What is the average age range of the residents? What are their religious beliefs? What is their income level? Are these all things you can live with?

Job Market – No matter what your reason is for relocating and getting a fresh start, you need to have a job to sustain the costs of living. Before choosing a city, find out what the job market is like. What is the unemployment rate? What types of jobs are most prevalent? What do these jobs typically pay? What can you afford on such a salary? Even if you plan on operating a business you need to review the area to determine just how much competition is in the area.

Things to Do – Moving to a new place for a fresh start is all about exploring and embarking on new journeys. It’s kind of hard to do that if you’ve chosen to live in the middle of nowhere. Try to look for a city that has tons of things to do. Not just as a tourist, but as a resident. Make sure the activities align with your personal interests.

Most would tell you that moving is stressful. Yet, when you’ve gone through a series of events in your life that have left you feeling drained, uninspired, or ready for change, you should act on it. Don’t just blindly relocate, however. Do your due diligence by really researching cities or states to determine which place is the best to call your new home.


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