coping with a Stressful LifeOne of the best things about life is that you never know what’s around the corner. Unfortunately, this is also one of the worst. The unpredictability of our existence makes life exciting, but it also means that you have to be prepared for anything and everything. Even if everything in your world is rosy right now, there’s no guarantee that you’ll sail through the next few decades without hitting any icebergs. Stress affects us all, and often, it’s caused by life events, which aren’t always expected. If you’re going through a tough time, and you’re struggling to cope, here are some tips to help you mend your mind.

Coping with loss

One of the hardest things we go through is losing people we love. Humans tend to gravitate towards others, and most of us don’t like to be alone. If you asked a group of people what the most important thing in their life was, you’d probably find that the vast majority said friends and family. Loss can feel like a physical pain, and it can take months, even years, to feel remotely ‘normal’ again. Grief affects us in different ways, but it never really goes away, even though time is a great healer. If you’ve lost a parent, a friend or a sibling, take advantage of services that are available to help you cope. Whether you’ve lost somebody suddenly with no warning, or you’ve been visiting a family member in a hospice for months, there is help available. You can find out more about services like grief counseling right here. If you’re finding life tough, don’t rush yourself or put pressure on yourself to recover and heal. Take every day as it comes, and lean on your closest friends and relatives for guidance and support.

Losing your job

Unemployment and money worries are among the most common causes of stress and anxiety among adults in the US. If you’ve lost your job, or you’ve been searching for a while with limited success, this can take its toll on your stress levels. Try not to panic, and adopt a practical, pragmatic approach. Register with recruiters, get some advice to improve your resume and interview skills, and sign up for job alerts online. If stress is preventing you from sleeping, or you’re feeling anxious, see your doctor and consider talking to a friend or a therapist about how you feel. Opening up can help you deal with your emotions and feelings.

Breaking up

Relationships have a very powerful influence and impact on our lives. Breaking up is never easy to do, but sometimes, it’s for the best. It may seem like the world around you is crumbling, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re heartbroken, talk about how you feel, and try and work out what happened, so that you can draw a line and move on. Have those difficult conversations to obtain closure, and then start to look to the future. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that it wasn’t meant to be, but months, even years down the line, you might realize that breaking up was the best thing you ever did. Not every relationship is destined to work, and often, you have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs. You can learn from every experience, no matter how positive or negative.

Life isn’t always easy. Often, there are obstacles and hurdles to overcome. If you’re grieving, you’re struggling to cope with your emotions, or you’re anxious or low all the time, don’t hesitate to reach out and seek advice and support.


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