stressEach of us is familiar with an unpleasant state, in which it seems that there is no strength left to do anything. Faced with a prolonged debilitating tension and exhausting efforts, a person feels full of emptiness and breakdown.

How to know if you suffer from stress

Most of us, being in such a peak phase of life, think that they just need to wait a while and everything will go away. However, experts in the field of psychology argue that the decision to wait in the event of a loss of physical and moral strength, when our body is experiencing real stress, may be fraught with serious health problems. We are talking, first of all, about severe psychological disorders.
The state of stress cannot be prolonged for long. It is better to discover the signs of it in a timely manner and tackle them, rather than reap the bitter fruits of your irresponsible attitude to your own health.
Psychologists distinguish seven signs that indicate that your body is in a destructive state of stress. explains all of them.

You feel emptiness

This condition manifests itself in difficulties of getting up from the bed in the morning. When you wake up, you already feel tired and shattered, although there was enough time for a night’s rest.
Do you feel tired in the morning? This is your body signaling stress, devastating life force, taking away energy from you. If you find this symptom in your body, take urgent measures to get your body out of this unpleasant state. In this case, sport will be useful for you, as well as walks in the fresh air, massage or yoga, and listening to your favorite music. You need quality rest and distraction from problems that bother you.

You suffer from a sleep disturbance

Despite the fatigue and exhaustion that torment you, sleep does not come to you at night. The cause of insomnia are troubling thoughts on existing problems. Your brain does not rest. It is looking for a way out of the difficult situation. You yourself are driving yourself away from sleep and depriving the body of a quality night’s rest. Insomnia pursues you, acquiring a chronic character. Lack of sleep exhausts your body, depriving it of its strength and increasing the level of stress.
Try to distract yourself from the thoughts that torment you. Do not allow yourself to scroll in your head problems, do not force the situation, and do not drive yourself into depression. Read before going to bed, watch interesting films or shows, listen to music or make an evening walk.

You have become very distracted

It is difficult for you to concentrate your attention on the things around you, you are completely deep in your thoughts and don’t notice what is happening around. You often forget where you left the keys, cannot remember when you agreed to meet with someone you know, etc.
Distraction is a very disturbing symptom, signaling that you cannot do without the help of a qualified specialist. In this case, it is best to turn to a psychologist to prevent serious consequences that are fraught with stress.

You constantly suffer from headaches or muscle pain

Living in constant stress, you are in an exhausted state, adversely affecting not only your ability to concentrate attention. Your body connects new alarms in the form of pain and headaches. This is how it asks for help. Your body is in great need of rest because of a prolonged stay in a state of stress. It urgently needs a full relaxation.

You are no longer interested in sex

Psychologists say that many people who are in a stressful state tend to lose interest in sex. In fact, the rejection of sex in this case is highly undesirable, since intimate affinity is a good way to discharge and relieve tension.

You have become more emotional

In stress, emotions control you, not common sense. You constantly have fights with the loved ones, you react painfully to their remarks, and cry over trifles. In this situation it is necessary that members of the family of a person who finds himself in a stressful situation show understanding and patience towards him. Qualified psychological help will not be superfluous in the removal of stress.

You are faced with problems in the work of the digestive system

This is a very disturbing sign. If you experience nausea, heaviness in the stomach for no apparent reason, it’s time for you to run to the doctor. Your body no longer has the strength to signal to you that it needs help.
If you find a few signs from the above list in yourself, urgently take care of yourself. You cannot live in constant stress and not feel its harmful effects on your health.
No matter how difficult the life situation seems to be to you, in which you are, remember that problems do not last forever and health should be taken care of. Only being healthy and full of energy, you can cope with any problem that has risen in your way. Do not let stress take over.

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