fitness programsWhile traveling offers an exciting adventure, it can be hard to maintain a balanced fitness routine. Visiting new places, tasting unusual cuisines and experiencing foreign cultures are just some of the immensely rewarding elements of travel. However, keeping up a consistent and repetitive fitness schedule is a difficult thing to master while you’re on the go. From changing accommodation to jet lag as well as all the other unforeseen changes that traveling can bring, it requires effort to ensure your workout schedule can be a traveling companion. We’ve compiled a list to spark your imagination and encourage creativity when it comes to ensuring travel and fitness go hand in hand.

Get friendly with local outdoor spaces

Rather than seeing fitness as a burden, why not embrace it as a new and fun way of traveling? Seek out spaces where you can train such as a nearby park, a local bush track or a set of fierce stairs. It’s about being adventurous and seeing your new environment as a source of encouragement to keep you motivated in pursuing your fitness routine. If you’re visiting a city with lots of hills, why not try some interval training with bursts of energy to get you up those hills? If you’re traveling to a beach, try to include swimming in your fitness routine. Wherever you are in the world, get inspired by your surroundings and work with them, rather than against them, to ensure you get the most out of your fitness routine while traveling.

Pack appropriate exercise gear

As basic as it might sound, packing the right exercise gear for you to train in is essential to ensuring you have the fundamentals to execute your training. There’s no point attempting to do something if you don’t have the necessary tools to complete the task. Keep your exercise gear light and think about what climate you’ll be traveling to and training in. A pair of shorts, a light t-shirt and your best trainers may be all you need to ensure you’re prepared.

Keep up a healthy diet

It’s easy to slip into the habit of eating at abnormal times and choosing less healthy options as a new cuisine offers excitement and an array of choice. However, it’s key you try to keep your diet as healthy as possible to ensure the physical effort you put in is complimented by the fuel you replenish your body with. There’s no reason you can’t explore the local foods and remain healthy. Try to avoid processed foods, eating in excess, consuming large amounts of alcohol and splurging on anything you otherwise wouldn’t. Of course there’s no harm in trying something new but the key here is to remember, ‘everything in moderation’. Without a balanced diet, you will be unable to experience the full rewards of your training.

Stay hydrated

While ensuring you fuel yourself with the right nutrients, it’s important to stay hydrated while you travel. Although it can be easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re out and about and busy discovering new places, you may end up lacking the energy you need to complete your fitness routine if you are constantly dehydrated. Plus, by consuming enough water each day, you improve your overall health and ensure you don’t overeat by compensating for a lack of water.

Be guided by a digital expert

While it’s important to ensure you take advantage of your new environment for all it offers as well as keeping up a healthy intake of nutritious food and drinking plenty of water, sometimes you simply need a little extra support when you’re half way across the world and your usual schedule has been flipped on its head. That’s where accessing support from Caliber Fitness’ Online Personal Training Program can help. As the digital world offers us a new way to access information and stay connected while we travel, being guided by an expert in the fitness field is the best way to ensure you keep up your fitness routine. Your trainer can help you adapt your fitness routine to your travel itinerary, create a personalized meal plan and ensure you get the most out of your training no matter where you are in the world. Plus, you can rest assured you’ll only pay $99 per month to receive such support so that you can stick to your travel budget while staying healthy.

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