Happy Halloween!!!!!!! I know that Halloween means candy and binge drinking at crazy parties but you can still have a Boo-rific time with these healthy tips!

*Serve or bring healthier types of candy like:

* Make, bake and/or serve healthier party food like:

  • Witch Fingers – Organic pretzel Rods dipped in Organic Chocolate and tipped with a Raspberry Licorice nail
  • Eyeballs – Peeled red, seedless grapes
  • Organic Chocolate dipped apples rolled in nuts
  • Newman O’s Organic Oreos
  • Salsa & Organic Tortilla Chips
  • Veggie Crudite with Hummus
  • Newman’s Own Organic Popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
  • Spooky Decorated Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookies

* Make, serve or request healthy drinks:

  • Non-Alcoholic Pumpkintini: 1 heaping tablespoon canned pumpkin
    1 1/2 ounces soy creamer or soy heavy cream
    2 ounces soy milk
    1 ounce Fee’s Spice Cordial Syrup
    2 graham crackers
    lime wedge

    Use a food processor to grind the graham cracker into fine crumbs, and put them on a small plate. Rub the lime wedge along the rim of a cocktail glass, then dip it into the crumbs to coat the rim. Set glass aside.

    Use a bar spoon to stir the canned pumpkin and creamer or heavy cream, in the bottom of a shaker. Stir in the soy milk and Fee’s syrup. Add ice. Shake vigorously (at least 30 times). Strain into the graham cracker rimmed cocktail glass.
    *De-Virginize: Add 1 ounce brandy (This recipe compliments of The Liquid Muse)

  • The Howler : 1oz. Organic Vodka
    1oz. Apple Juice
    1/2oz. Lemon Juice
    Add a splash of grenadine, shake and stir
  • Vampire: 1 part organic vodka, chilled
    1 part Chambord

1 part Hansens Natural Ginger Ale
Garnish with wax teeth or blood orange slice

  • Spiked Cider: 7 oz. Hot Apple Cider with 1 oz. Organic Rum
  • Non-Alcoholic Witches Brew: 1 cup organic lemon aid
    ¼ cup orange juice
    Juice of half a lime or 1 tablespoon of lime juice
    2 cups apple juice or non alcoholic apple cider
    1 tablespoon cinnamon
    1 teaspoon non alcoholic rum flavor

In any case, have a happy, healthy and safe All Hallow’s Eve!!!

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