break bad habitsMany people take for granted their health. Whether it’s eating unhealthy food or going on a precarious climbing adventure, there are countless things we do where our well-being is far from the priority. Of course, the sad reality is that we’re all going to die at some point. With that said, and although we can’t change the lottery that is health, you should also be looking at ways to best extend and preserve your life. 

That begins with changing everyday things that you currently do that negatively impact your health. Some of these you might not even realize, so read on for a few unexpected things that are potentially messing up your health right now.

Sitting around

Regardless if you’re a regular visitor to the gym, sitting around for the rest of your day is going to have a negative effect on your health. So, while kicking back and watching your favorite TV show is always going to be a temptation after a long day, keep in mind that you shouldn’t partake in this for too long or often. This is because sitting down is linked to concerns such as heart disease, cancer and premature death.

Smartphone pressure

Using a smartphone has become a part of everyday life in recent years. It gives us the ability to constantly stay in touch, however, using a phone hampers our ability to relax. This is because it pressures people to constantly stay on top of their emails, Facebook notifications, and the light from an electronic device can affect our levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. The stress of this also stays during much-needed relaxation times such as holidays.

Cleaning your ears with Q-tips

Q-tips, which is also known as cotton buds/swabs, are a common tool in the constant battle against earwax. Did you know that this can actually be harmful to your ears? Not only that, but a Q-tip can also lead you to damage the ear canal or even rupture an ear drum, as well as pushing the wax deeper down into your ear. You need to ensure your ears are clean, and, therefore, contact a specialist to clean them. You also need to keep tabs on your children’s ear hygiene and check that they haven’t put any foreign object in their ears – for more information, you can see this here.

Skinny jeans could result in nerve damage

Although they are a feature in the wardrobe of most Millennials, skinny jeans can cause health-related problems. As they compress and restrict (hence their name), skinny jeans have the possibility of causing numbness, stinging pain and even nerve damage to your legs.

Over Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth twice a day is an important way to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Yet, did you know that brushing at the wrong time could damage your teeth? If you brush your teeth straight after eating something especially acidic, this could result in significant damage to their enamel. The cause behind this is that food acidity leads to the enamel softening temporarily, so brushing during this period is understandably hazardous to the health of your teeth. Stick to thirty-minutes after breakfast and just before bed.

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