fitness regimeThat feeling after completing a tough workout is fantastic. Despite being exhausted, you can’t help but smile because of your achievements. However, when the post-workout soreness kicks in, that’s when the elation turns to misery.

Muscle soreness can be difficult to deal with, especially if you’re just starting a new fitness routine. The soreness can be off-putting, but it won’t last forever. While muscle soreness is your body’s way of telling you to rest, there are ways you can speed up your recovery to get you back into training quicker.

Take a look at some of the ways you can beat the post-workout burn.


Stretching might seem like the last thing you want to do to combat muscle soreness, but it is one of the best ways to tackle muscle soreness. When you exercise, your contracting muscles get shorter, but stretching them out can help you to move easier and boost your flexibility. A foam roller is a great piece of equipment to keep at home, and the right foam roller exercises will help you to relieve your tight muscles.


Your body needs the right fuel to recover from a workout. You can still eat healthily following a workout, but a good supply of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats will help reduce pain the next day and help your muscles to grow stronger. If you can get some amino acids into your system, they’ll help to stop the ache so that you can continue training. Keep some post-workout recipes to hand so that you have something you can make to help you recover.


Hydration is essential for good health, and even more so for fitness. By drinking water and replacing electrolytes after exercise, you can stop your muscles from becoming swollen, as well as make sure stop them from cramping – which can add to your pain. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after exercise to keep your body hydrated.

Distract yourself

Sometimes, you’ve just got to ride out the muscle soreness. It can be frustrating, but if you keep yourself busy, you’ll soon forget all about it. Some things you can do to distract yourself include reading, having a bath, or watching something on telly. Using creams or CBD oil can be a way to ease the pain and help to relax you. In a day or two, the pain will be gone, and you’ll be ready to train again.

Battling through muscle soreness will make you stronger, fitter and help you achieve your goals. It can be difficult to stick to a fitness regime at the best of times, but something like ordinary muscle soreness shouldn’t put you off. Design a training routine that includes a mixture of strength, cardio and stretch exercises to help you to improve your overall health, and you’ll notice results in no time. Always exercise safely and take your rest days, they’re more important than you realize.


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