fitness regimeIt is easy for a break from exercise to turn into not doing anything at all. With the demands of running a household, holding on to a job and keeping up the appearance of a social life: finding the time to bend and twist can seem impossible. As time goes by you get so busy you couldn’t possibly spare any hours for the gym, and before you know it, every time you try to go a little voice tells you that you’re not fit enough, or you’re too tired. One day, after reading an article about how to stay fit later in life, or how to avoid some serious diseases by exercising, you decide enough is enough, and you need to make the change, or you’re going to die prematurely. Sound familiar? New fitness regimes are started with the best intentions, here’s how to keep them up after the honeymoon period is over.

1.Check yourself

Just because five years ago you could do the crab while balancing on four balls, doesn’t mean you can now. Pregnancies, trauma and repetitive injuries caused by bad posture can all affect your ability to engage with a new programme. If you are experiencing any pain, visit somebody who can help; for example, FIT Physical Therapy can help you recover from any injury, and they offer a free assessment. There are many locations such as St George Physical Therapy, Mesquite or Overton. Having an injury doesn’t mean you can’t ever exercise again. By not addressing current aches and pain, you may be endangering your long-term health.

2.Try Things Out

If your running regime drops off before it has begun, it might not be that you are choosing the wrong exercise. Maybe the level of intensity of running is not suited to your current fitness levels, for example, or it might be that you prefer the treadmill to the outside – or vice versa. Try to make it better, whether that’s purchasing better running shoes, new exercise gear or enlisting the help of a friend. However, don’t force yourself to do something that you hate. By doing so, you are reinforcing the part of your brain that sees exercise as a punishment. Get a gym membership and try something new each time you go. If you aren’t a yoga bunny, try Thai Boxing, or even something really out there like water aerobics. You might be surprised by what tickles your fancy.

3. Make a timetable

After experimenting with different options, come up with a weekly plan that is balanced and achievable. To maintain your interest, try doing a couple of different things each week; perhaps on one day you focus on your cardiovascular, and on another take a strength training class. Studies have indicated that going to classes is one of the best ways to form a new exercise habit, and who knows you might even make new friends. Maintaining an exercise routine is the only way to stay truly fit, and the best way to ensure you stick to it is to make it exciting. Diversity is the spice of life, after all.


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