abuse counselingIt’s common to forget all about your mental health when referring to your overall well being, simply because you can’t see or touch it. While you may not be able to get your head around it, it’s certainly a large aspect of who you are and has a large impact on how well you function daily.

What you should do is be on the lookout for the warning signs that your mental health is suffering and take action right away if necessary. Parents and teachers should also be on the lookout of signs of mental health issues within students and kidsIt’s not a good idea to ignore or push these observations aside because you could end up in a truly bad place otherwise. Know the warning signals so you can step up and reverse whatever you’re experiencing.

Racing Thoughts

It’s vital to know that continuous racing thoughts aren’t healthy and should make you stop and consider if there’s more going on in your mind that needs attending to. For example, this could be a sign of many different conditions including ADHD. If you’re curious to learn more about this specific diagnosis, then click for more info. The key is to get to the root cause and figure out what’s causing your mind to race and be out of whack. This way you can find a treatment plan that works for you and get on any necessary medications. 

Can’t Concentrate

Think about how critical it is that you’re able to concentrate on any given day. You need to do so at your job, in your home life and when interacting with others. Concentration is important for getting through your day successfully and productively. If you can’t concentrate, this could be a sign you’re suffering from a mental health condition and need to seek help. While it’s normal not to be able to focus once in a while, you need to take note if it’s occurring all the time and you can’t seem to bring yourself to hone in on the task at hand. 

Trouble Sleeping

Without proper sleep, you’ll feel like a mess and will be dragging yourself through your days. Resting and getting good sleep is critical to you being able to perform your job, build solid relationships, exercise intensely and so much more. Not sleeping well is something you need to start taking seriously and you should get to the bottom of whatever is keeping you from waking up and feeling refreshed immediately. Start by unplugging well before bedtime and participating in activities that help you unwind like reading a book or drinking caffeine-free tea. Lack of sleep is probably the most important warning sign that your health is in danger, so never take this lightly as you’re gauging your mental state.

No Longer want to Engage Socially

Your social calendar doesn’t have to be full to be considered healthy, but you should be spending some time with others outside of work. Relationships and social activities are an important part of life and help improve your wellbeing. Not wanting to attend events, spend time with friends and family and isolating yourself are signs that your mental health could be suffering. While it’s okay to want to stay home and rest every so often, you should find a balance between going out and curling up on the couch. Try forcing yourself to go out once in a while and see how it goes. If you simply can’t get yourself ever to go anywhere, then you may want to address this issue further and dig deeper into what’s going on.

Lose Interest in your Hobbies

There’s more to life than working and attending to your responsibilities. You should also make time to follow your passions and participate in hobbies that interest you. If you no longer want to do what once made you happy then take a step back and get to the bottom of why this is. Maybe you’re simply tired from a long week of work or are getting bored with your routine. On the other hand, it could be a warning sign that your mental health is deteriorating and you need to seek help. Experiment and play around with your options and figure out the reason behind your sudden loss in interest for hobbies that once brought you joy.

Excessive Fear of the Future

It’s normal to worry and be apprehensive about the future, but also a bit concerning if it’s all you think about daily. Excessive fear of the future is a sign your mental health is suffering, and you may want to consider seeing a therapist who can help you work through these feelings. They could be valid concerns, and that’s all you need is to get them off your chest and hear some sound advice. Grant yourself a break from thinking and worrying when you find yourself in this situation and participate in a fun activity to take your mind off it. If this works, then all you needed was to rest your mind and distract yourself for a bit.

Change in Appetite

Eating too much or too little is always a sure warning sign that there may be a hang-up going on in your mind. Maybe you have a problem at work that’s bothering you, or you got into a fight with your spouse. These are all valid reasons why you might be upset and change your eating habits briefly. However, if a change in appetite goes on for an extended period, it may be time to reach out and seek professional help. Overeating or not consuming enough calories are signs that your mental health could be going downhill and it’s better to be safe than sorry in this type of circumstance.


Be aware of these signs as you try to determine how you’re feeling mentally on any given day. Don’t wait too long to get help if you’re constantly overwhelmed and can’t seem to get back in control. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for support when you’re experiencing emotional lows for a long period and could use an expert opinion regarding your current state. What’s most important is that you attend to your mental health and get to the better place. 


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