benefits of golfDo you play a sport for leisure? Have you ever played golf before? Have you seen someone play golf? If you answered yes to these questions, then you must be interested in what golf can offer you. According to Golf Advisor, golf originated in the eastern coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife during the fifteenth century. Some historians believe that the games kolven from Holland and chole from Belgium influenced the game.

Eventually, it spread throughout the sixteenth century due to royal endorsement. King Charles I popularized the game in England while Mary, Queen of Scots, introduced the game to France while she was studying there.

Today, golf is a popular club-and-ball sport worldwide. Whether the players are professional or not, golf is a sport that is often associated with high social status. Aside from the fame and the glamor of golf, it also offers important mental and physical benefits to every player. Here are some of the essential gains brought about by playing golf regularly as mentioned by the European Institute of Golf Course Architects.

Reduces Stress Levels

A golf course is typically characterized by green landscapes, fresh air, and a clear view of the sky. This is indicative of a restorative environment. Such an environment can facilitate feelings of pleasure and allows the release of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain (e.g., endorphins). Golf makes you happier and relaxed rather than stressed and exhausted.

Improves Sleep

Regular physical exercise, such as in the case of playing golf frequently, enhances sleep. It allows your body to stay in a deep sleep for a longer time and helps your muscles rest and repair in the process.

Fosters Relationships

Social connections can improve both mental and physical health. Golf is a socially enjoyable sport. Once you play golf, you will be able to interact more with other golf players. You can even become a member of a golf community or group. You can also bring your family and friends to play golf with you.

In addition, golf is not an intensely competitive sport. You have more time and opportunities to interact with fellow golfers, especially during times when you watch others take their turn.

Weight Loss

You need to make at least ten thousand steps to lose weight in a healthy manner. Golf easily exceeds this suggested number with an eighteen-hole round, especially when you walk all throughout. According to several studies conducted worldwide, a male golfer burns around 2,500 kCal during an eighteen-hole round while female golfers burn approximately 1,500 kCal.

Improves Vision

Playing at a golf course entails having to look at a bigger landscape. You need your eyes to function well so that you can focus on that golf ball even when it is already yards away. Health Fitness Revolution says that golfers are very sharp at small targets from long distances. They often have precise estimates of how they should swing the ball to hit the target. Through playing golf, you can have the opportunity to evaluate the keenness of your vision while improving your hand-eye coordination.

Heart Health

Physical exercises can help get the blood pumping into your heart. Golf entails a lot of physical movements that can provide you with this benefit. Walking, carrying your bag, swinging the club, bending, placing the ball down, and getting the ball are all part of the golf experience. These movements help increase your heart rate and blood flow.

With this, your risk for diabetes and stroke is also reduced. Positive effects such as reduced blood pressure and harmful cholesterol can be made possible by golf, especially when you combine it with a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is said that during an eighteen-hole round, a player will have an average of a hundred beats per minute as one’s heart rate over a two- to five-hour period.

Brain Stimulation

Regular walking can strengthen the brain’s memory circuit. According to research by the Alzheimer’s Society as cited by EIGCA, walking around the golf course is a great way to keep both the heart and the brain healthy. By being physically active, you are making sure that your brain has adequate blood supply for it to perform its essential functions.


A recent study revealed that golfers have a 40 percent lower death rate, which corresponds to a five-year increase in life expectancy.

Low Chances of Injury

Golf is not a very harmful sport. A player can walk on a soft surface, making it attractive for those who want to lose weight or get active without the high risk of injury. Also, whenever you feel exhausted or when you need to take your golf bags and materials with you, a golf cart can help you reduce your risk for accidents and health risks while you are on the golf course. To ensure that your golf cart is reliable at all times, you may check out Yamaha golf cart accessories at Golf Cart Garage.

Golf is indeed a beneficial sport for your overall health. As an old sport being played around the world, golf does not only boast of prestige and class. It also helps keep you healthy and focused. Golf will make you walk an extra step to a better life.

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