What to look out for when getting a massageA soothing massage is an excellent way to de-stress, but the benefits don’t stop there. A rise in holistic health is due, in part, to the growing awareness of how massage can do a body, mind, and spirit good.

Part of the reason for the rise in the popularity of therapeutic massage is that it has broken out from the luxury spas and upscale health clubs to become widely available in businesses, clinics, hospitals, and even in airports. Massage therapists can even visit homes for private sessions, thanks to portable massage therapy tables.

For further information about how therapeutic massage can make a difference in your life, keep reading for more details.

Holistic and therapeutic massage therapy also helps to promote a sense of comfort, well-being, and overall satisfaction to the person receiving the massage. There are several different types of massage, though the primary methods are practiced the most. These methods include Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point massage. During a typical massage, the therapist will press, roll, rub, and manipulate the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to provide relief to the patient.

As far as the medicinal applications, massage is considered to be complementary or alternative medicine. As the benefits of massage continue to rise, the increase of its use alongside standard treatment to benefit a wide range of medical ailments is also becoming more prevalent. Several studies are showing that it is an effective treatment for a host of disorders. Aside from promoting well-being, a person can enjoy a massage and address the following ailments: anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, and sports injuries.

In a study conducted in 2010, researchers also found that engaging in regular massage can greatly increase the body’s ability to ward off illnesses. This study links an immune system boost to the practice of massage therapy. It is also widely used to reduce PMS symptoms in women and increase brain function. During a 1996 research investigation, adults received a 15-minute chair massage and were then asked to complete a series of math questions. It turns out that the math questions were answered faster and more accurately after the massage than they were prior to receiving it.

Furthermore, it is becoming more and more apparent that therapeutic massage can increase blood flow, which is why it is partially attributed to relieving headache pain. Other benefits of increased blood flow include skin health, lymphatic drainage, a cleaner complexion, and, in some cases, increased hair growth. It’s not even always necessary to make an appointment. By learning some trigger points on the face, neck, and scalp, people can quickly increase the blood flow and experience the benefits of therapeutic massage just about anytime and anyplace.

From a holistic standpoint, it is easy to see the benefits of therapeutic massage. It is a practice that has been around for several centuries and is linked back as far as prehistoric times when primates would engage in preening and grooming rituals. As for now, the practice has spilled over and is part of healing arts such as midwifery, medicine, nursing hydrotherapy; there is still more room for application in athletics, exercise and movement therapy.


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