How to Quit Smoking Healthy VoyagerigOne of the most difficult things regarding giving up smoking is controlling tobacco cravings. Sometimes the urge to have a cigarette can seem too much. Nonetheless, this post is here to help you deal with these moments. Read on to discover various ways you can resist tobacco cravings…

Practice relaxation techniques

A lot of people smoke as a way to deal with stress. Thus, if you find another way of coping with this feeling you should reduce the number of cravings you experience. You have various different relaxation techniques at your disposal. This includes everything from massages, like a CBD massage, to yoga, to visualization, to deep-breathing exercises, and more.

Avoid triggers

You need to determine what situations are most likely to make you have strongest urges for a cigarette. Think about when you smoked most frequently. Do you tend to have a cigarette when talking on the telephone? Or, you someone who smokes socially, i.e. when they are at a party or a bar? Everyone is different. You need to determine your trigger so you can handle it better. Some situations are unavoidable, such as speaking on the telephone. Therefore, you need to keep yourself occupied instead – grab a pen and a piece of paper and start doodling.

Never have ‘just one’ cigarette

The biggest mistake you can make is to have ‘just one’ cigarette. A lot of people keep an emergency cigarette. When they feel the need to have it, they tell themselves that this will be their last one. However, rarely does this happen. This one cigarette will only tempt you to have more. Once you quit you have to make sure it is for good. Tackling this habit half-heartedly never works.

Start exercising

When giving up smoking it is highly recommended that you increase the amount of physical activity you partake in on a weekly basis. Exercising is extremely beneficial when it comes to reducing your cravings. It distracts you from wanting a cigarette. If you feel the urge to have a cigarette, go on a walk instead or do a few squats. You’d be surprised by how effective this can be.

Stock up on sugar-free chewing gum

If you are feeling the urge to have a cigarette, one effective way of fighting this feeling is to snack on something so that your mouth is occupied. Most people tend to opt for sugarless gum when trying this technique. Nonetheless, you can go for anything from sunflower seeds and nuts, to raw celery and carrots. It is all about finding what works for you.

Touch base with a friend or family member

Last but not least, if you are experiencing a craving, get in touch with a friend or a family member. Talk to them about how you are feeling and they will give you the motivation and encouragement you need so that you don’t give into the craving you are experiencing. The simple act of talking to someone can distract from your want to have a cigarette.

If you follow the six techniques that have been mentioned in this article you are assured to reduce the number of cravings you experiencing whilst also decreasing their intensity. Thus, you will have a much better chance of quitting smoking successfully.


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