fitness programsIn order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, regular physical exercise is essential. Unfortunately, since careers, family, and life in general can be so hectic, it can be difficult to consistently get to a gym or fitness center and get a workout in. In fact, the average gym membership owner only makes it to the gym once or twice a week.

Additionally, according to WBUR, in 2017, even though Americans spent roughly $17 billion on gym memberships, 67% of them never went. Thankfully, since technology’s so prevalent in virtually every aspect of everyday life, there are plenty of ways to get a great workout in by simply utilizing a smart phone.

Here are some of the most popular fitness apps that you might want to check out if you can’t regularly make it to the gym:


This audio-based workout app offers unlimited on-demand access to more than 2,500 guided workouts of all kinds. Users can work on boxing skills, running, strength training, stretching, mediation, yoga, and so much more. The Aaptiv app uses certified trainers to help users achieve all their long-term and short-term fitness goals.


This app has already amassed 35 million users around the world. Life sum helps users keep tabs on the exact number of calories they are consuming and pushes them to stay active and encourages healthy dieting. Its premium offering starts at $3.30 a month.


This app is a video (and audio) platform that offers plenty of fitness classes from certified trainers and boutique fitness studios around the United States. SweatWorking is still in its infancy, as it was launched in January 2018, but it’s already gaining some serious momentum within the digital fitness realm.


This app delivers quality treadmill, outdoor running, and strength training classes — all by simply pushing a button. These audio-based classes are lead by some of New York City’s elite fitness instructors and are great for beginners just learning about fitness and people who are more advanced.

Here are a few additional fitness apps to check out:

  • Fitbod
  • Activity
  • Workout
  • Nike and Run Club
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Keelo
  • SmartGym: Manage Your Workout
  • Runkeeper
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Charity Miles
  • 8fit
  • Fabulous Daily Motivation
  • Asana Rebel
  • Strava

Whether you can regularly get to the gym or not, it’s time to pick up your phone, check out some helpful fitness apps, and start getting a better handle on your health!

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