reverse the signs of agingGrowing old is inevitable, but staying young at heart is a choice. Your father may be young at heart, but if he doesn’t pay attention to his fitness, his movements will soon become slow and uncomfortable. Aside from mobility, it is essential that you take care of other aspects of his health too. So, here are a few tips that you should instill in your father right away for a healthier tomorrow:

1) Rise and exercise early

Early to rise and early to exercise can keep your father fit. It is not necessary for him to have a gym membership at this age. With old age comes joint pains, and daily exercise can control that pain. Make him a schedule that starts with brisk walking for half an hour, moving to light exercise for another half an hour. If he has severe back pain or muscle spasms, you can apply a pain management ointment gel made with all natural ingredients like Arthrolon to drive the pain away. But, make sure he doesn’t skip exercise; not even for a single day unless he is very sick.

2) Let him spend time in the garden

Gardening not only keeps a person physically healthy but mentally too. If you don’t have enough time to take care of the garden, your father will be the best person for the job. Elders usually have more knowledge of how to take care of plants and saplings. So, he will surely do a good job.

3) Keep healthy snacks handy

Everyone has sudden food cravings, and your father is no exception. But, instead of having cold turkey or leftover food in the fridge, try keeping nuts and almonds. The calcium content in these snacks can keep your father fit. You can also keep a variety of berries and other fruits that he can munch on whenever he wants. Also, small bottles of red wine will do wonders. Red wine is considered good for the heart, and it will also give a good night’s sleep.

4) Bond with grandkids

Kids love to spend time with their grandparents. Let your father help your kids with their homework. Mental health can often keep a person physically healthy. And your father will love it when his grandchildren are around him. Let them spend the weekend together or go on a hiking trail if his health permits. Independence at this age will give him more confidence to stay healthier.

5) Don’t interrupt his hobby

Allow your father to live his own life. Apart from his food habits and exercise, don’t interrupt what he is used to doing daily. If he is happy to read, go fishing, buy daily grocery, or even play gold, then let him do that. Restricting him to the confines of the house will make him bored. Again, his indulgence in his hobby will keep him happy. That automatically results in better mental and physical health.

Your father deserves all the happiness in the world, and since you are now responsible for that, start with these five tips. Watching him laugh and stay healthy will also give you a peaceful mind.

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