Laser Eye Surgery CostsEye surgery, particularly laser eye surgery, is an excellent option for astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), and myopia (nearsightedness). Eye surgery can be a permanent, final, or ultimate solution for a vision problem. Healthy eyes mean more opportunities to see and experience the quality of life.

Minor eye issues may result in major vision problems, such as temporary or permanent loss of vision or blindness, so you should prioritize taking care of your vision. However, the cost of laser eye surgery in the UK may not be budget-friendly for many people. That’s why knowing the average prices of eye surgery procedures can help you.

In this post, you’ll learn more about laser eye surgery costs.

Determine If Laser Eye Surgery Is Your Best Choice

Because laser eye surgery involves a significant amount of money, it’s worth determining if it’s the best option for your case. Once you’re able to know your options, you can start researching the best type of laser eye surgery for you.

Laser eye surgery can help you achieve a 20/25 vision or even better. It has a good track record, and the complications are rare. Patients with mild nearsightedness have greater success with refractive surgery. On the other hand, people with a higher degree of farsightedness or nearsightedness along with astigmatism or blurry vision have less predictable outcomes.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery 

LASIK or laser eye surgery is a type of refractive eye surgery used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The cost of Lasik may range from 1,000 GBP to 3,500 GBP per eye. The average is 1,500 GBP per eye. Many factors affect the cost of laser eye surgery.

Here are some examples:

  • Personal Factors: Insurance plan, prescription, and location are some factors affecting the cost of a laser eye surgery, and your eye surgeon can charge more if you have a more severe visual acuity.
  • Eye Surgeon: A popular eye surgeon with both the expertise and experience might charge higher than those who are not on the same level.
  • Type of Equipment: State-of-the-art laser equipment costs more as compared to old ones. A vision center usually invests in the safest and latest technology, so the cost of laser eye surgery is higher than traditional eye centers.
  • Type of Laser Eye Surgery: Custom Bladeless Laser Eye Surgery with wavefront technology usually has a greater reliability (creating 20/20 vision) and fewer complications, so it costs 1,000 GBP to 2,500 per eye. On the other hand, Bladed Lasik is an older technology, so it costs around 800 GBP to 1,500 GBP per eye.

Note: Always ask your eye surgeon about the details of the quoted price, whether or not it includes before and after surgical care. Determine if the cost consists of all tests required before and after the procedure. While some charge a fee, others offer lifetime enhancements free of charge.

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery With Insurance

Health insurance doesn’t generally cover the cost of laser eye surgery because it is perceived as a cosmetic procedure, which isn’t medically necessary. That’s why you have to take good care of your eyes and you should be prepared to pay out of your pocket or out of your personal health savings account to treat eye problems. However, some insurance companies will pay the bill as long as you meet specific criteria. Also, some insurance companies now offer a vision plan, providing a discounted price or an apparent partial coverage for eye surgery.

Here are some examples of certain conditions wherein a medical insurance plan might cover laser eye surgery or refractive eye surgery:

  • Your surgeon prescribes an eye surgery for a refractive error that results in an injury.
  • Eye surgery performed due to a result of an operation.
  • Eye surgery recommended for severe eye refractive errors.

Note: There’s no standard degree of impairment at which health insurance will cover vision correction. Insurance coverage of different providers can be confusing and inconsistent. It is best to consult your insurance plan provider to know your coverage when you’re planning to undergo laser eye surgery. Check if you’re enrolled in a plan providing vision or laser surgery benefits.

Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

There are different eye surgery procedures you can choose from depending on your budget and eye or vision problem. Ask your doctor about the availability of services or eye procedures based on your research, and whether it is applicable for your case or not.

Here are the different eye surgery procedures and price references:

  • LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery: The eye surgeon will use lasers to create a corneal flap. It is used to reshape the tissue underneath before the flap is replaced. The price range is from 1,700 GBP to 2,900 GBP.
  • Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK: The surgeon will use a topical solution for removing the corneal cells’ top layer. A laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue. The price range is from 1,900 GBP to 2,900 GBP.
  • Small Incision Lenticular Extraction or SMILE: The surgeon will create a small incision in the cornea using a laser. The small disc of the corneal tissue is removed. The price range is from 1,800 GBP to 3,200 GBP.
  • Laser-Assisted Subepithelial Keratomileusis or LASEK: This eye laser procedure creates an ultra-thin barrier or layer to protect the cornea. It is moved to the side for reshaping the corneal tissue underneath. After which, the barrier is placed back on the cornea. The price range is from 1,900 GBP to 2,900 GBP.
  • Implantable Contact Lenses or ICL: It’s a custom lens that is quite similar to a contact lens. It’s created by an eye surgeon and then implanted directly into the eyes. The price range is from 4,200 GBP to 5,700 GBP.

Note: Ask your ophthalmologist or eye surgeon about the related expenses as early as possible so you can plan soon and prepare your budget.  


Laser eye surgery doesn’t come cheap, but you need to be ready to invest in such a procedure for healthy vision and improved quality of life. Personal factors, the surgeon’s experience and expertise, insurance, and type of eye laser procedure all affect the amount of money you’ll spend when undergoing a laser eye surgery. With the information above, you can now be more confident in asking the right questions and expressing your concerns regarding the costs associated with laser eye surgery.   

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