Addicted to PainkillersThere are many thousands of people that are regularly taking prescription painkilling medication due to chronic pain. For some, it is the only way they can function every day, as the pain they are in is so severe. If you take your medication according to your doctor’s advice, you should not be concerned. However, sometimes people can become addicted to their pain medication, here are some of the warning signs you should be aware of if you take regular pain medication.

Thinking About Your Medication all the Time

One of the first signs that you may become addicted is if you are always thinking about your next dose and whether you have enough supply. If you have recently had an injury or surgery, then this is normal behavior. However, if this has been going on for a while, it may be a reason for concern. Becoming addicted to the drug means that you are taking it even though you know it is causing issues at home and work.

Taking Amounts Other Than Those Prescribed

If you are taking more of the drug than was prescribed, or you are taking it more often than this could be a symptom of addiction. If you are finding that the pain isn’t being controlled by the dose your doctor has prescribed, then you should see them again to be reassessed. Although, if you have been taking your medication for a while, and the pain is being managed or has now gone, it could be that you have developed a need for them besides pain relief.

Seeing Other Doctors

Another sign that you may become addicted is trying to find other doctors to prescribe your medication. If you are visiting more than one doctor for the same prescription, then you need too much. If you are running out too early because the doctor hasn’t prescribed enough, then you should speak to the doctor, so they are aware of the error. If, however, you are just trying to get more to keep up with your supply because you are taking over the prescribed amount, then this is a concern.

Getting Painkillers from Other Sources

If your doctors are not willing to give you any more medication, and you try to get them from other sources, then this is a sign of addiction. In some cases, people have stolen medication from drug stores, or they have taken them from relative’s homes while visiting them. These and trying to buy them illegally are often signs of an increasing problem.

Seeking Help

If you think that you are having a problem with your painkillers, you should seek the help of professionals who can give you the treatment you need. Organisations such as Muse Treatment, are geared to helping those with an addiction. You should also seek help from friends and family for support.

By recognizing these signs and trying to get help, you can beat the addiction and regain your physical and mental health. Camille from The Float Spa agreed “Seeking help is definitely the best thing when addicted to painkillers, you can also look at alternative means to soothing pain and see if they work like massage and therapies.”



  1. We we are not addicts, we know the risks of our medication and respect it’s power, most do not abuse their medication and take care to keep it safe imagine finding something to treat your disease only to have it taken away.

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