Best ExercisesIn an ideal world, you should be exercising every day. It’s your best chance of staying fit and reaping real rewards here. Just a month of keeping on top is sure to see you fitter than you’ve felt in years. At least, it would if you managed to keep this up for anywhere near a month.

If you’re anything like most of us, though, your only exercise skills come in the excuses you make. It’s astounding how many reasons we find for not getting around to fitness. Ironically, the time we take making these excuses could be time we spend working out. But, that’s rarely the way it goes. The majority of us would rather make excuses for half an hour than do one single sit up.

But, we’re calling it. Most of our excuses are a load of rubbish. You may believe, hand on heart, that these reasons are justified, but they aren’t. To prove that, we’re going to look at three leading excuses, and why none of them hold any weight.

‘I don’t have time’

We would all like to believe that we don’t have time to get fit. Wouldn’t it be convenient? We’re all pretty busy, after all, so this does seem like a valid excuse. At least, it does until you consider that even ten mere minutes of exercise each day can work wonders for health. In the time it takes you to explain you have no time, then, you could have gotten to this. With that in mind, it’s difficult to imagine that anyone’s time restraints stop them from getting stuck in here. At the very least, you could exercise at your desk, or stretch when you’re watching television of an evening. EVERYONE has time for that.

‘My back hurts’

With many of us now sitting down all day, complaints of back pain are another common excuse. Admittedly, this complaint may hold some water, but it still doesn’t justify your lack of effort. In extreme cases of pain, you would be better heading to professionals like those found at Maximize Life Chiropractic than making an excuse of this. Note, too, that back stiffness often comes about from a lack of exercise. Rather than a reason not to focus here, then, this is even more incentive. Whatever you do, stop using this as an excuse!

‘I get enough exercise already’

Of all the popular excuses, this is probably the best one. Many of us convince ourselves that any exercise we do get is enough for us. It may be that we walk to work, or have strenuous jobs, for example. There’s no denying that these things can help our health, but they don’t remove the need for exercise. In reality, getting your heart rate going sometimes is essential. You also need to work all your muscles to keep fit. There’s little chance that you manage all this without effort. Unless you’re a personal trainer, you should drop this excuse like it’s hot and get to work.



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