healthier happier vacationonIf you are a parent reading the headline to today’s post, you’ve probably already answered with a resounding no. Joking aside, there are ways in which you can remove the stress-factor from your vacation. Whether you are with the kids or not, there are certain steps that you can take to keep things as chilled as can be.

Of course, some people won’t be in the market for these. If you fall into the adrenaline holiday category, or one that involves hopping from attraction to attraction and ticking off as many TripAdvisor sights as possible, it’s probably time to hit the back button. After all, these are the types of trips that prompt plenty of stress – even if the memories are completely worthwhile.

Following on from the above, let’s now take a look at some of the best steps to take to eliminate stress from your next getaway.

Don’t head for the tourist traps

When we talk about tourist traps, we’re referring to everything from cities to single attractions. In other words, the basic advice here is to avoid the crowds.

As we have already alluded to, there is a time and a place for these types of vacation. If you’re on the hunt for a relaxing break, turning to a spa as opposed to the top rated attraction in the city is obviously going to do your plight the world of good.

Magic number ten

This next point revolves around the amount of days you should take off for your vacation. While a long weekend is nice, and even nicer when it comes to planning annual leave, most believe that ten days is the perfect amount. Any more than this and it can become a bit too much, while any less and your vacation can feel over before it has truly started.

Don’t make yourself easily accessible

This next point of course relates to those who are not on vacation with you. Sure, the rise of the mobile phone helps us in pretty much every instance of our day-to-day life, but a side effect is that we can all become a little too accessible.

Sure, when it comes to your immediate family, make yourself contactable in any shape or form. However, if it’s a colleague, or anyone else from work looking to get in touch – now is the time to switch off and relax your brain from normal life rigours.

Don’t plan every element of your trip

Finally, there are occasions where you should plan, and those where you shouldn’t. If you are looking to fall into the relaxing vacation category, this is most definitely one of those occasions where you shouldn’t bother.

Sure, you need a “rough” idea of where you will be heading, but mapping out an entire itinerary is just asking for trouble. It means you’ll be hopping from one place to another and by the end of the day (and vacation, for that matter), exhaustion will have quickly set in.

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