Gym MembershipThe first obvious perk to having a gym membership needs no explanation: you’re trying to make healthy choices. But what if that’s too boring? Of all the folks who pay for a gym membership, around 67% never use them. Clearly the appeal of a gym membership needs to change to be more… appealing.

Fortunately, gym memberships don’t just benefit your health; they can also benefit you financially and socially. So if your gym membership is going to waste and you need some fitness motivation this summer, here are three compelling reasons to actually use your gym membership.

  1. A gym membership could be a tax break for you soon. On July 12, 2018, legislation passed through the House of Representatives influential Ways and Means Committee that could benefit millions of Americans. The propsed legislation would allow materials and costs for certain kinds of exercise (including gym memberships) to become a tax write off. While nothing is official yet, it’s looking like investing in fitness could get you a tax break very soon. On top of that, many health insurance plans include a rebate or incentive for people with gym memberships — if you can prove you actually hit the gym!
  2. Gyms are getting more and more creative. No longer are gyms simply a place of sweaty old machinery and grimy weights. A growing number of gyms are coming up with creative and fun ways for people to exercise including alternative yoga, dance classes, boxing, and even sword fighting. Check out the classes your gym may offer, or even organize a unique class there yourself. You might find your fellow gym members are relieved at having more options, too.
  3. You can form social connections — or not. If you can overlook the guys who can’t stop looking at you, the gym can be a great place to meet new friends. Going to classes and interacting with folks on the elliptical next to you means you can actually create friendships and connections at the gym. Even if you’re just ‘gym buds’, having that support system really helps in motivating yourself to get back to the gym on the regular. There’s no such thing as too many social connections. Alternatively, take comfort in the fact that you don’t need to speak with anyone at the gym. It can be your solitary time for self-care and reflection.

You can find any number of reasons the gym could be personally appealing beyond this list, but these are three reasons that many people find motivating.

The only real solution to gym membership apathy syndrome? You have to use that membership, get there, and explore your options. Don’t be afraid to go hunting for a new gym that fits your personality, schedule, and interests if necessary.

It’s your experience!


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