The holidays are here and it’s time to feast!
For vegans and vegetarians, we usually go straight for the awesome
vegan sides as our entree either consists of nothing,
some wheaty, fruity thing-a-ma-jig or a funky piece of tofu.
While some get creative and cook up a delicious wellington, some folks miss
the simplicity of the main event and Vegetarian Plus
has knocked it out of the park with the first whole vegan turkey
with gravy and stuffing, full meal holiday dinner!

Serving 8-10 people, it’s delicious, juicy, full of flavor
and compliments any of your awesome sides at your holiday table.
Their one-stop-shop holiday meal is
a great idea that was well overdue but it’s here,
in time for your holiday table and ready to be enjoyed!
While I totally understand that some veggies don’t like the idea
of a bird shaped vegan dish, I have to say it’s
just another wonderful alternative that for a lot of us,
we haven’t had for many years.
be it wellington to the whole vegan turkey by
Vegetarian Plus, I wish you very happy, healthy and eco-friendly holidays!!



  1. I’m not surprised you’re gathering a fair amount of support/momentum with your writing here. You’re stringing some entertaining posts together! 🙂

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