fitness wearLife is hectic so a vacation is essential to take the edge off and stay calm. But, there is a problem. Going on holiday tends to mean that the fitness plan you have worked hard to maintain goes out of the window. At least, it does for two-weeks while you’re on sunbathing on the beach knocking back cocktails. Let’s face facts and admit that fun in the sun often makes it hard to get back into a routine when we return home, too. The key is to try and fit a shortened version of the regime into your vacation without ruining the fun, and you can with the tips underneath.

Take The Stairs

“There’s your key and you’ll be staying on the fifth floor. Enjoy your stay.” Instead of muttering “I would have done if I wasn’t on the fifth floor,” use the steps as motivation. Not many people know this, but avoiding the elevator can burn off up to 0.17 calories per step you climb. Over the course of a holiday, considering there are five sets of 12, this amounts to a significant amount. And, all you have to do is take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Remember that walking down burns calories, too.

Take Exercises With You

One reason to stop exercising on vacation is the lack of resources. You don’t have your workout clothes and you’re not going to buy some on a whim. It’ll just have to wait until you land back in the country, sadly. Well, this isn’t a good excuse any longer thanks to With one click of a button, you can stream exercise activities and complete them from anywhere in the world. The things you need are space and an internet connection. Pack some old shorts and a holey t-shirt and you’ll be ready to rock remotely.

Take A Look At The Bus As It Drives Past

Being at one with the culture is what drives people to travel, and using public transport is a simple hack. The problem is that you end up replacing the car with a bus or a train and it has no impact on your health. Usually, the resorts and big cities are very walkable even if they are miles long. New York and London are two excellent examples. The Tube/Subway goes all over both cities, yet you can ramble to the sights with little effort. Plus, walking is a better way to take in the sights, sounds and smells.

Take The Kids To The Pool

They need entertaining anyway, and has a great selection of games. More than that, it helps to keep everyone fit and healthy because swimming is fantastic exercise. Not only does it work the cardiovascular system, but it exercises the muscles too. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the best activities for people who are looking to get and stay fit. If that isn’t enough, it’s fun to splash around and chase the kids.

Are you a busy lady? Has this post helped you find the right balance between relaxation and exercise?

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