perfect smileA beautiful smile lights up a room and transforms someone’s face. You can look dour and miserable one moment, but when you smile, everyone wants to be your friend. Smiling at a stranger creates a sense of warmth and invites conversation, but with modern society so fixated on physical perfection, it isn’t hard to see why people with an imperfect smile are often reluctant to flash a grin.

There are many reasons why your smile might be less than perfect. Crooked teeth, missing or discolored teeth all detract from the classic Hollywood thousand-watt smile. The good news is that there are many ways to create the smile that Mother Nature didn’t provide.

Celebrity Smiles

Celebrities are not always born with perfect teeth. Tom Cruise is a classic example of a famous Hollywood heartthrob who began his career with bad teeth. If you check out photos of him now, you can see he has a perfect, brilliantly white smile, but a perfect smile takes some time to achieve. Achieving a perfect smile also involves seeking help from an expert like Davis Orthodontics.

Why Fix an Imperfect Smile?

Smiles are rarely perfect, so most people can benefit from a few fixes. However, given that fixing a wonky smile comes at a price, you might be asking yourself whether it is worth the cost.

For many people, their imperfect smile causes them a great deal of embarrassment. They dislike opening their mouth, which makes talking to strangers difficult. Bad teeth are often linked to poor self-esteem, which is disastrous for young people on the cusp of adulthood.

Crooked teeth are also more susceptible to decay and gum disease, as teeth cleaning can be tricky. Since gum disease is linked to a range of serious health problems, including heart disease, it is wise from a health perspective to have your crooked smile fixed. You can also do teeth whitening for a nicer smile.

Different Orthodontic Treatments

There are different treatments available to correct a crooked smile and straighten teeth. Orthodontic braces move teeth back into alignment. Old-fashioned metal braces are still used, but patients can opt to have clear braces and clear aligners to straighten front teeth.

Exterior braces are typically used on younger patients, but are suitable for adults, too. Ceramic braces are almost invisible to the naked eye, but brackets are also available in clear crystal, which is also difficult to see. Your budget will play a part in the selection process, however, as newer materials such as ceramic and crystal are inevitably more expensive.

Aligners are used to straighten front teeth. They work fast and can be removed at will to suit a lifestyle.

Removable clear braces are becoming increasingly popular as they are almost invisible and can be removed to suit. These work well to correct minor imperfections, but may not be suitable if teeth are very crooked.

No two patients require the same treatment plans, so if you are unhappy with your smile, it is essential that you speak to a few different orthodontic specialists to find out the best treatment plan for your budget and expectations.


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