start mornings rightMorning is that time of day where we get to re-energize ourselves for the day ahead. But more than that, mornings offer a kind of reawakening for the soul. They show how it’s possible to live life to the fullest. They provide a window into a whole new world of possibilities. The moment we open our eyes, we are treated to another opportunity to better ourselves, whether in life or in work.

With that being said, we should always find time to make the most of our mornings. And this involves knowing how to start each day on our terms. Success, after all, is about finding the time to become better versions of ourselves than we were the day before.

So, seize the day by starting it right, using these tips.

Have an energizing breakfast

Let’s start by pointing out the importance of having a supercharged breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day and one that determines the amount of accomplishments we are able to achieve.

This comes with choosing the right food to complement your early morning meal. Start with brewing a hot cup of joe using quality coffee beans and the right brewer. The richer the taste of your coffee, the better the reason to work hard for the day. So, make sure to find a brewer that does the job well. You might want to consider getting a brewer that gives you the benefits of pour over coffee with an automatic twist. Check out this Moccamaster cup one review and see if it best fits your flavor profile.

Aside from coffee, you might consider beefing up your breakfast with a good mix of protein and berries. Opt for French toast with a side of raspberries and blueberries. This would make for an effective early morning pick-me-up.

Make time for meditation

If you’re worried about not getting any work done later in the day, don’t be. Thinking this way would only cause you to lose track of your goals, but you become distracted from the things that matter. Still, human as we are, we just can’t shrug off this anxious feeling that often manifests itself in the most inconvenient time. One way to fight off early morning pessimism is to empty your mind in meditation.

Go to a quiet place around the house. Sit down, close your eyes and do some deep breathing exercises. Forget about the deadlines and tasks of the day. Be one with yourself. As you delve deeper into your soul, you will feel more and more relaxed. The anxieties will dissipate once you open your eyes from the ten or fifteen-minute session with the self.

Do a huddle

After meditating, you will need to rally yourself into action. Just like football teams before important games, you need to give yourself a good pep talk that allows you to focus on the goals of the day.

You can face a mirror and talk to your reflection. Tell yourself, “I’m going to survive this! I’m going to win!” Indeed, there’s no better motivator than ourselves, so let’s find time to lift our spirits up and weather through the storm.

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