Going through a rough patch in your life such as divorce is never easy. Moving on from your failed marriage may take some time depending on how you accept things. Recovery time may take a few months and even last for years, and it is possible that you may go through a roller coaster of emotions including trauma, stress, loss of confidence and even depression.

Feeling depressed right after the divorce is considered as a phase that many people experience, and it can manifest through certain behaviours such as neglect of duties, avoiding people close to you, being short-tempered and showing poor performance at work. If you are going through the same situation, it is best to find an accredited counsellor that can provide you with the right amount of help. Aside from therapy and counselling, you may also follow these helpful tips to help you recover as soon as possible.

Keep a diary

Even if you have an adequate support group that you can talk to it helps a lot if you can express your feelings through writing. Studies say that writing down what you really feel enables you to release those ill feelings that you have towards other people. You may want to express all of your heartaches and disappointments towards your former spouse by composing a heartfelt letter in your journal.

Do not be ashamed to seek help from others

It is normal for you to feel tired and less energetic after going through a divorce and it is normal if some of your friends and relatives stop by your place and offer to help out even if you did not ask them to do it. Remember that you are going through a rough situation and you are vulnerable. So it is okay to accept all the help that you can get and do not forget to thank them once you get back on your feet.

Learn to love yourself

When was the last time you did something special for yourself like treating yourself to a massage at your favourite spa, watching a movie or shopping for new clothes? Do not feel guilty about treating yourself because you deserve to be happy. Many people say that they forgot to look after themselves during the course of the marriage which turns out to be one of the main reasons why their marriage did not work out.

Make your health a priority

Being depressed makes you prone to eating unhealthy foods such as chips, ice cream and burgers as a way to manage your stress levels. You may even resort to drinking alcohol to help numb the pain. Just make sure that you don’t stick to this unhealthy lifestyle for too long. Prioritise your health by taking care of your diet, especially if you have kids that are dependent on you.

It is normal for you to feel emotional and confused right after the divorce but what is essential is that you do your best to move forward from your situation.

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