healthy holiday travel tipsAre you ready? The holiday season is around the corner. Giving and receiving gifts, time spent with family and friends and plenty of festive dining will expect you, and we believe that you just can’t wait. You’re even ready to get a few pounds, without the guilty conscience, because when will you relax if not now? This time does not have to be that way.

Overeating is tightly related to the holiday season. People relax during days off, all those lunches and dinners they spend with their loved ones, and then forget about all nutrition rules. And besides the visible excessive pounds, there may be more health problems. Several days of starving won’t annul a whole season of overeating.

Starving is bad, but according to this source, intermittent fasting from time to time has health benefits:

This is the time of the year when you need to relax and not be so strict about yourself. You definitely should adhere to some rules because it is better safe than sound. Taking a bit more care won’t stop you from enjoying the holiday’s delicacies.

Have a Single Main Course

Whether you go somewhere or you are welcoming guests, make sure that you have a single holiday feast during the day, so either lunch or dinner. There is no need for all meals to be “festive,” so you won’t regret a couple of days later. Treat yourself, but focus on just one meal, and let it be abundant. Well, even though that means an extra tablespoon of gravy.

Probably it will be difficult for you, especially if you are in charge of meal preparation because you have cooked so much, but keep holding on. If you are planning to visit your friends or relatives, or your company is having a holiday party, you should keep an eye on domestic products and home-made cakes (someone would probably bring some of that). Do not hesitate to ask for a recipe (to find out the ingredients in a polite way). These are worth the extra calories.

Don’t Mix Snack and Alcohol

While we’re having snacks, we often turn our brain off and don’t think about how these are “dangerous” for our weight. Especially if you mix them with alcohol. If you can’t imagine to drink beer without peanut or to have a glass of wine with no cheese plate, you willingly accept the “perfidious” getting of extra pounds, according to The SET Studio experts.

Alcohol has calories, and that’s the fact. However, it’s so wrong to make a toast with water, so you can freely opt for a light cocktail with soda, or for wine, but without cheese. If you can’t get rid of snack habit, take a stick of celery, a couple of nuts, or a few grains of grapes. Overeating with snacks and excessive alcohol will surely prevent you from enjoying real delicacies.

Saving Appetite for the Real Deal

You know you’re going to a holiday dinner, so you prepare yourself by starting from the early morning. You think this will limit you in quantity? It’s proven that you will eat most then. If you know that delicious meals are waiting for you, eat fruits and low-calorie food during the day, and drink plenty of water. You will not come for dinner too hungry, but you’ll have enough space in your tummy to taste all the delicacies.

No Regrets in the Morning

Very often, after an abundant evening meal and a bad night’s sleep, you decide not to eat the next morning and during the day. Fasting will not cleanse your body, so this is a bad idea from the start. In the morning after holiday dinner, you’ll wake up with a low blood sugar level so it’s important to have breakfast. To know more on why you have to eat as soon as you wake up, read here.

You should reduce other meals in calories (not in quantity) during the day. A lot of fruit, green tea, and fresh fruit juices can help. Water will be your best friend in the morning after, if you went too far with soda cocktails.

Always keep in mind that it takes much less time (and effort) to add a few pounds than to lose them. During this holiday season, define the limit on how much your scales should show (up to 5 pounds is acceptable). Don’t limit yourself, just make better choices.

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