air filter replacementHere’s a question few people seem to know the answer to, “When was the last time you changed your air filter?”

If this query leaves you scratching your head, odds are it’s way past time for a replacement.

Aside from making your AC unit more effective, air filter replacement is vital to keeping you free from potential health issues. Here are 5 potential health problems that could affect you if you don’t replace your filter regularly.

Air Filter Replacement: 5 Health Dangers It Prevents

“In the summertime, when the weather is fine,” you’ve got AC on your mind. OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how the song goes, the point is, AC is a must-have during hot summer months.

Still, AC does much more for your home than provide a comfortable climate. Having a clean air filter aids in preventing respiratory illnesses and the spread of some diseases.

1. Allergies

Do you get the sniffles and red eyes during spring and summer months? Well, that dirty air filter may be a contributing factor to your seasonal allergies.

Not getting your air filter changed frequently enough can lead to the build-up of pollen and allergens in your air ducts.

That pollen and those allergens are then pumped through your air causing endless puffiness and difficulty breathing.

2. Polluted Air

Most heating and cooling systems recycle the air in your home to save on power. If you haven’t changed your air filters any time recently, this means all the potential pollutants in your air from months ago, are still blowing around.

Getting your filter replaced regularly as well as opening the windows and airing your home out every once in a while is a great way to prevent you and your family from breathing in recycled pollution. Ew.

3. Bacteria Growth

Leaving your air filters unchecked for long periods of time can result in a nasty and potentially very dangerous problem: bacteria growth.

With all the dust, particles, germs, you name it, flowing through your air, your filter is a great resource for protecting you…that is until it gets too clogged up to do its job.

Proper AC services can help you get that filter replaced and keep your air fresh.

4. Asthma

Often asthma goes hand in hand with allergies but for some individuals, asthma can be a debilitating problem regardless of the season or weather.

Unfortunately, having a dirty air filter is a major hindrance to people who suffer from asthma. Make sure you don’t make an existing breathing problem worse by keeping a dusty filter.

5. Pesticides and Second-Hand Smoke

So we know that an air filter prevents dust and dirt from within your home from circulating, but did you also know it keeps outside dangers out as well?

Harmful particles from second-hand smoke to pesticides to cleaning chemicals can all be kept from entering into your home’s air by a clean air filter.

When to Replace Your Filter

Air filter replacement should ideally occur at least once every three months. If you’ve gone longer than this, or if you simply can’t remember the last time your filter was changed, act now.

Don’t risk health problems for you or your loved ones by breathing in stale, dirty air.

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