anti aging productsWhile it’s important that we can all accept ourselves enough to grow old gracefully, it is important to remember that there are various steps that you can take to give yourself a more youthful look without having to turn to cosmetic surgery or other invasive procedures. Not only will these steps help you to look younger, but they are good for your overall health and wellbeing too. So, it’s a good idea to give them consideration and incorporate them into your health and beauty regime. Here are just a few areas to focus on!

Your Skin

First, let’s tackle your skin. Your skin is perhaps the biggest giveaway of age. This isn’t all too surprising, seeing as it’s your body’s largest organ and is what protects our insides from the elements, pollution, and damage from impact such as cuts and scratches. The more your skin goes through, the more damage it will show. Now, there are various ways to prevent these problems. In regards to the elements, sun damage has so many negative effects on the appearance of your skin, making these capillaries more visible and create signs of photoaging, such as wrinkles, age spots, and uneven pigmentation. You can combat this by making good use of sun protection products. Pollution can cause or trigger inflammatory or irritable skin conditions, and you can prevent this by filtering air in your property. Damage from cuts and scratches tend to be accidental, but you can always take a little extra effort to protect yourself by being extra careful. Now, these aren’t the only problems that your skin faces. Your skin also ages. When you reach your forties, your skin can begin to thin. This results in blood vessels showing through the more translucent tone of the skin and a consequent patchy complexion. It may also dull, as your skin stops producing quite so many oils. If you find that you’re experiencing these problems, you should organise a more thorough skincare routine. Sure, you may have simply used soap or a standard face wash up until this point. But you should consider incorporating more specialist products into your regime now. Natural exfoliating scrubs remove dull dead skin and encourage your skin to renew itself more regularly. When it comes to moisturising creams, prioritise vitamin A creams and vitamin E creams can significantly boost your skin’s water content.

Your Hair

One of the biggest worries that people face as they begin to age is losing their hair. Whether you fear complete hair loss or simply hair thinning, chances are that you’re going to experience one or the other at some point or another. Men are much more likely than women to experience hair loss. In fact, various studies have found that two out of three men will start losing their hair before the age of thirty five. This is an overwhelming majority! When it comes to thinning, eighty five percent of men will experience significant thinning by the age of fifty. What you may be more shocked to hear, however, is that women are not immune to ageing of the hair either. Forty percent of individuals suffering from hair loss are female. In fact, by the age of fifty, around half of women will experience some sort of hair loss. So why does this happen? Well, perhaps the most common reason behind hair loss and hair thinning is hormonal changes. Estrogen levels tend to decline as we get older and this has the knock on effect of reducing our hair’s general growth rate. Seeing as we always shed hair, lower estrogen levels make it difficult for us to keep up when it comes to growing replacement hair. The good news is that you can in fact source hair loss meds that work to combatting this common issue. If you are facing thinning, you should make the most of clever hairdressing, opting for styles that give the illusion of volume, such as bouncy blow dries or curling. The second biggest way that ageing tends to affect our hair is colour change. When we age, our hair loses pigment and thus takes on grey or white colouring. This is much easier to combat. All you need is a reliable hairdresser or box dye that you can put on your locks yourself at home.

Your Smile

We have two sets of our teeth during our lifetime. We have our baby teeth which are generally then eventually displaced and replaced by our adult teeth by the age of twelve. Now, when we use one set of teeth from the age of about twelve through the rest of our life, it’s not all too surprising that they can start to show signs of wear and tear. Perhaps the most notable sign of ageing in teeth tends to be discolouration. But the good news is that there are definitely ways to combat this. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this sooner rather than later, you can take preventative measures to reduce your chances of experiencing aesthetic dental problems as the years go by. Now, we are all well aware that we should brush our teeth twice a day. But you can always go a step further and really put the effort into your daily cleaning routine. First, opt for an electric toothbrush over a manual brush. Sure, you can clean your teeth properly with a manual brush, but it takes a lot more effort and you’re more likely to cut corners. Opt for a brush with different speed settings and a high bristle count on the head. Also bear in mind that you should be gently brushing areas of your mouth other than your teeth. By cleaning your tongue and gums, you reduce the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth and this will, in turn, reduce the amount of damage to your gnashers over time. A good fluoride mouthwash will also help to clean these areas. You should also tackle the areas of your mouth that you cannot reach. You should use floss once a day to remove any build up or bits of food that have caught in the spaces between your teeth. Use dental tape for your front teeth and interdental brushes for between your molars. If you are already experiencing discolouration, you can still achieve young looking pearly whites. You simply have to consult your dentist about whitening procedures. This is the most commonly carried out form of cosmetic dentistry. While you can buy over the counter whitening methods, these can give an uneven finish or cause tooth sensitivity. Whitening carried out by a professional dentist is much more likely to give you your desired results.

Now, these are just three different parts of your body that can show signs of ageing. But they are perhaps the most noticeable. So, it’s time to combat them and remain as youthful as possible for as long as possible. Following the above advice should give you a jump start in the right direction!


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