beauty resolutionsThe New Year is approaching, and that means new resolutions.  Many resolutions revolve around three things—health, wealth, and love.  You may be looking in the mirror and wishing you had followed your resolutions last year.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many people feel dissatisfied with what they haven’t yet accomplished through their resolutions.  But there are resolutions you can keep to by making small changes.  Here are just a few beauty resolutions you can stick to in 2017:

Establish a Routine

Having a balanced routine is essential to your health.  Your routine will look different for you than for someone else, because we all have different responsibilities.  Remember the days you could stay out until dawn, exist purely on Red Bull and Burritos, and still make that 8 a.m. shift?  Perhaps you still can, but as the years add up it will start to wear on your body.  Plan a daily schedule, or perhaps a weekday and weekend schedule.  If you’d like to stay sane and in shape, create a doable routine of sleep, work, exercise, and leisure to get the most out of your day.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep—we can never get enough of it, am I right? Sleep reduces anxiety and stress, not to mention its beneficial effects on your physical health. Getting adequate sleep will improve your mood, your motor functions, and the ability of your immune system.  Different people need different amounts of sleep, but the general range falls between six to eight hours.  Unfortunately, there are times when it feels like the other way around; stress and anxiety can impair your ability to sleep, causing an endless cycle.  You may need to consider sleep aids depending on your condition.  If that doesn’t work, consider seeing a sleep doctor to determine if you have an underlying health issue.

Get That Healthy Glow

Nothing’s more beautiful than healthy skin. Sleep, diet, and exercise will do wonders in helping you maintain a radiant complexion, but our skin requires special attention to remain at its most beautiful. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it is the one most exposed to the elements.  No matter how resistant you believe you are to the sun, always wear something with at least SPF 30.  Also, contrary to popular belief, sun does not necessarily clear up acne.  Too much exposure to the sun will actually irritate and dry out the skin, causing your skin to age faster.  Need some more advice on achieving clear skin? Try out some of these 20 unique skin care tips and get that healthy, glowing skin you crave.

Improve Your Diet

Just like with any regimen listed here, not one size fits all. Many people can start small and build up over time.  Going cold-turkey on sugar and carbs might make you feel like you’re going insane, so instead start with cutting out soda or reducing your soda intake to once or twice a week.  Although there are many diets out there, skip the fads and talk to a nutritionist to see what your body needs the most.


No matter how you feel about exercise, the truth is that we aren’t meant to be sedentary creatures—office jobs don’t really help us. Exercise can come in a variety of forms—you’re not limited to the gym.  Maybe you would like to take a walk outside, or maybe you want to run the Boston Marathon.  Either way you are increasing circulation and strengthening your body. Exercise has been proven to improve immune systems, diminish signs of aging, and relieve stress. Keeping your metabolism up is good for your mental health and give you more energy for the activities you love. If you’re on a tight budget, consider a low-cost gym like Planet Fitness.

Love Yourself

Mental health is often neglected as a resolution.  The New Year is a time to reflect on habits you may have acquired not only in the past year, but perhaps in an entire lifetime.  Why not make a resolution to become a healthier you, not only outside, but inside?  Perhaps it is time to get a mental-health check-up.  As more and more figures are coming out in pop culture as having struggled with minor or major mental health issues, the stigma of going to therapy is diminishing.  Maybe you don’t need to see a professional, but you can be consistent about self-care, focusing on what you love about yourself and what you need to improve on.  Honest but gentle self-reflection and kindness to oneself is a small step toward a healthier you. Visit lustaci for women’s beauty tips.

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