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When you’re a busy woman, your beauty regime sometimes has to take a bit of a backseat. OK, so you still spend some time on your appearance, but you can’t exactly sit there for hours doing your makeup, because, well, you’ve got more important things to do. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look great (let’s face it, you probably look great naturally, anyway) and there are a few beauty tips out there that are essential to those busy ladies, that you should have under your belt. We’ve noted down a few ideas, for those hard at work babes.

Don’t forget your skincare regime

The most important thing to take care of as a busy woman is your skin, and forgetting to take your makeup off at night could be one of the things that’s taking up a lot of time in your beauty regime. Keeping your skin clear is a lot easier if it can breathe at night, and your pores aren’t full of dirt and makeup, so take some time to properly cleanse your face. Micellar water usually does the job pretty well, but there are plenty of skincare options out there if you want to find a quick solution before bed. If you usually forget about this, then keep some wipes near your bed just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Drink more water

It’s something that’s always reiterated as a simple beauty tip, but this one is pretty good, and it’s (almost) free. Whilst people are always debating how many glasses of water you should be drinking a day (what is it now… eight?) the certain fact is that drinking water has a lot of beauty benefits, and it’s always worth a shot. Not only will it help to clear up any acne issues that you have, but it will also leave you with a healthy glow, and it helps your body on the inside, too. If you feel like your skin, hair, and nails are looking a bit dull, try out a little more H2O, and you could be onto a little beauty winner.

Use some clever products

The truth is that you may need a little boost from some products every now and again, and there are some clever ones out there for those busy ladies amongst us. The first question you need to ask yourself (or Google) if you’re always on the go is ‘what is the best eye cream for dark circles?’ as we’ve all been there, and they can be pretty difficult to cover up. Luckily, there are some useful and affordable products out there that can give you a bit of a boost, and you don’t just need to accept that please-God-get-me-a-coffee look forever. Check out what’s on the market to give you a quick fix before you face the day.

Make sure that you sleep well

Speaking of dark circles, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough shut eye if you want to ensure that you’ve got a healthy, glowing look. We know, this is a lot easier said than done, but trust us on this one, you need to get in some Zzzs or it could have a detrimental impact upon you. Your skin won’t look as vibrant, your eyes won’t be as bright, and your body won’t have the time that it needs to heal. We all think that we can get in a few more hours of work before we start counting sheep, but you may need to learn to put off your work until tomorrow. After all, is there anything better than sleeping?

Eat a healthy diet

Believe it or not, your diet can have a huge impact upon your appearance, and you need to get this right if you want to spend less time covering up those blemishes and dark circles. A diet jam packed full of the right vitamins and minerals – such as zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E – will really help to keep your skin on top form, so try your best to fit in some of the good stuff. It’s also key to avoid excessive alcohol and fatty, processed foods, as these can lead to breakouts and a general dullness in your appearance. If you want to look great in no time at all, change up what you’re putting on your plate.

Choose eyes or lips

When you’re in a rush in the mornings, you may just look at all of your makeup and think, ‘what on earth am I going to put on today, and do I even have time for a full face of makeup, anyway?’ Don’t fear, however, as there are some basic makeup tips that you can’t go wrong with if you’re in a rush. One of them is choosing eyes – and subsequently eyeshadow and mascara – or lips – and therefore lipstick – rather than both at the same time. Not only will this save you a bit of time, but it also looks great to have one focal point on your face, so alternate eyes and lips days. Easy, time efficient, and beautiful… all rolled into one!

Embrace your natural hair

One of the main things that can take up your time in the mornings is blow drying, straightening, or curling your hair, and whilst it may look good, why not have a few days off to embrace your natural locks? We don’t always appreciate our natural beauty, but there is nothing wrong with having a few natural, relaxed days and not getting too stressed out about the whole hairdresser-esque routine in the morning. You can add salt spray if you have naturally curly hair for a more beach inspired look, or smoothing balm if you’ve got straight hair. Give it a try, and see how you feel au naturel!

So, if you’re one of those busy ladies looking for a few simple beauty tips, why not try out some of these things? You don’t need to spend a lot of time to look great!

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