CBD OilAs the number of states and countries legalizing and, indeed, encouraging the use of medical marijuana begins to rise, so too does the number of people curious about marijuana. There are many common misconceptions about weed and how it affects the human body and mind. Generally speaking, marijuana is quite beneficial to those suffering from certain mental or physical strains – but most people just know the bad rumours.

So how do you know that medical marijuana is the right path for you to choose, and what about it makes it a good choice? There are many positives to using weed for medical purposes, and many reasons that it might be an even better option than your current prescription or cocktail of medicine. Here are just a few.

1.     It’s Convenient

More-so than some other available prescriptions, if you have a medical marijuana card, getting weed sent to your home is actually quite easy. There’s no need to spend copious amounts of money or skulk around for a dealer – this is a common myth. There are many reliable and perfectly legal mail order marijuana shops that can provide you with the right dosage and supplies.

2.     It Helps with Physical Pain

Depending on the cause and locale of your pain, certain strains and types of medical marijuana can be incredibly soothing and relieving. Whether you need temporary relief in order to rest or function in your daily life, or you need some relief that will help you get rid of the pain in the long term, medical marijuana can be beneficial. THC is also only in medicinal marijuana in small doses, so you don’t have to worry about undesired side effects like “getting high” when using this to relieve your aches and chronic pain.

3.     It Helps with Mental Strain

Some types of medical marijuana, prescribed by professionals, can provide immense anxiety relief and promote positive feelings for people with depression. Some studies suggest it even helps protect the brain from the onset of Alzheimer’s. Doctors have suggested that the active ingredients of medical marijuana can improve mood, prevent feelings of apathy or hopelessness, and relax the mind and body to prevent panic attacks.

4.     It Promotes Healthier Sleep

Many people who use this natural drug claim it helps them sleep better. It can even treat common sleep disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia. As it relaxes the mind and body, patients commonly report falling asleep much faster and experiencing a deeper, more satisfying rest period. This also, of course, tags along with anxiety relief – it allows your mind to “shut off” and relax into slumber instead of focusing on your day or what you need to do in the future.

5.     It’s Natural

Medical marijuana is, at its core, still a drug. However, we as humans have many of the components of marijuana that make it effective already present in our system. The use of medical marijuana simply promotes and amplifies those chemicals to provide better relief and more assistance. This is quite different from constantly ingesting aspirin, pain pills, and other synthetically produced drugs. Cannabis provides many health benefits, and it’s usually all natural.


Cannabis is one of the most common drugs at our disposal, and many places sadly still criminalize it despite its many positive applications. However, in those places that have legalized medical marijuana, quality of life has seen vast improvements, especially for those with severe anxiety as well as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

When you see past the misconceptions of medical marijuana, you can see its benefits and practical uses. If you think it might help you and it’s legal in your area, talk to your doctor today. 


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