Support For SeniorsLoneliness and isolation can be a growing problem as we age. Many seniors live alone, and their days are filled with a string of solitary moments. Loneliness can have negative consequences for physical and mental health. They are no longer working, and relatives can become consumed with their own immediate families and schedules. It is difficult to maintain friendships and have the motivation to seek social opportunities. If a spouse has passed on, there could also be the feeling of missing a partner. Luckily, you can help to increase social support and care for your loved one.

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities offer a range of accommodations to enhance senior living. Benefits of a quality home include comfortable and attractive suites, healthy meal plans, entertainment, and fostering a positive community. Brunches, afternoon tea, and dinners are a great opportunity to meet new people and form friendships. Shy individuals have the help of repeat exposure in a familiar and safe environment to slowly warm up to one another. A good community will have regular social nights and special monthly events, including card games, movies, and catered socials. It’s important to have open opportunities for family and friends to visit, to go out into the surrounding neighbourhood, and to take trips and vacations.

Private In-Home Care

For seniors who wish to continue to live in their homes but have limited mobility, restricted access to transportation, or a lack of someone to help them attend appointments, having a dedicated Registered Practical Nurse or a Personal Support Worker come to them is a great help. A reputable, compassionate company like Integracare home care services in the Toronto area offers a comprehensive list of assistance and services. Caregivers will collaboratively develop complete health plans from companionship and support to full nursing services with the client, their family, and with other community services. Integracare Caregivers are committed to enriching the lives and fostering independence of their clients. The Caregiver’s role is to engage with and ensure that their clients are not just cared for but also are provided a more joyful living experience each and every visit.

Being cared for is vital to fight feelings of isolation. The availability of Registered professionals like Nurses, Physiotherapists, or Massage Therapists and Certified Personal Support Workers who can tend to your family member – wherever they call home – allows for a unique bond and relationship in their life. Integracare also escorts clients to events or appointments, so it’s easier to access more social opportunities outside the home.

Hobbies and Classes

Social clubs, learning a new skill, and taking up a hobby isn’t just for the young. There are many opportunities for seniors to get together and try something new like cooking classes, book clubs, games afternoons, knitting groups, or academic pursuits. Regular meetups offer the combined benefit of meeting new people and enjoying improving a new skill. The combination of gaining new abilities and making new friends is great for mental health.

Short Visits

Last but certainly not least: take the time to visit loved ones. Short visits, like taking them out to a café or out for brunch, enjoying afternoon tea at the retirement residence, or simply stopping by to have a chat while helping to tidy up helps immeasurably. Everyone has a busy schedule; luckily, short and regular visits foster companionship perfectly well. Seniors who are ill and suffering from a lack of energy might not be able to handle long visits or lengthy outings, so even quick pop-ins are appreciated.

A quality retirement community, professional in-home care services, fun and educational meetups, and regular visits with family and friends are all healthy ways to increase social support. Help your senior family member by arranging and encouraging these situations and circumstances with them, as motivation and initiative to do so might be lacking. Companionship and positive relationships will do wonders for your loved one’s physical and mental health.


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