healthy holiday tipsWhy not start a new tradition this holiday season by throwing a healthy bash instead of a junk food feast? Choose venues that are good for you as well as enjoyable for family holidays, special events, and seasonal gatherings where guests will enjoy delicious food that will help, not hurt them. You may be thinking, “why change our celebration style now?” Well, here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Encourage healthy eating habits.

Many people today experience a number of health issues due to poor eating habits, including diabetes and obesity. Fast food combined with salty, sugary snacks or chemically-sweetened diet foods is a toxic mix that can chip away at a person’s health and well-being. Set a good example by hosting parties at health food restaurants or natural food eateries that serve delicious options to traditional fare. If you live in a warmer climate, consider an outdoor event space where guests can walk around and get fresh air after eating. Guests will see how tasty nutritious food can be and may be tempted to make the switch. Homemade soups, breads made from non-processed flour, and vegetables seasoned with natural spices are just the beginning of sumptuous fresh options that many health-oriented eateries now offer.

Consider throwing a healthy event.

To underscore the positive aspects of eating better food, plan a health food-themed party where fresh fruits and vegetables are featured, along with prime meat cuts cooked via low-fat methods. You will good about serving meals that are wholesome and beneficial to good health rather than junk food that makes us feel bad afterward. Attendees will experience the joy of a whole new cuisine that will help them feel fit, not fat. Restaurants and catering companies that specialize in healthy cuisine typically offer explanations as to whether the food is organic, non-processed, non-GMO, or certified in other ways to be healthier alternatives to regular food. They also describe food preparation methods that emphasize safe and wholesome dishes. Visit local health-food eateries to discuss your food preferences with the manager or chef, and possibly be offered samples.

Support guests’ healthy lifestyle.

Chances are you have had guests who avoid regular party foods. They prefer clean eating that won’t add unneeded calories or unwanted substances to their bodies. In the past you might have included one or two healthy dishes for those special guests while everyone else ate the usual unhealthy items. Find a restaurant or catering service that specializes in delicious healthy party foods or entrees. You can easily find them online or through a friend or coworker’s referral. Surprise everyone at your next celebration by offering delicious new menu items that many may already be eating. They will appreciate the sensational foods that they already enjoy along with a few new ones they might not yet know about. Your health-conscious friends may be able to recommend a catering service or restaurant that offers fun, nutritious menus for special events.

When planning your next event, decide what your food priorities will be. For example, do you want to serve completely raw foods with zero processing or cooking? Another option is to order vegan or vegetarian items only. You might include one or two meat or meat product sides prepared in natural ways to avoid processing for those who are not vegetarian or vegan. Contact and preferably visit several health food establishments to learn more about your party options.

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