vegan passover recipesPassover is about to begin for Jewish families around the globe. A sacred and symbolic holiday expressed in food as much as it is in prayer. Lucky for you, I now food and I’ve got you covered with my mini-menu of vegan passover recipes!




As a bonus, here are some alternatives for the seder plate:

The seder plate is one heavy in symbolism. Each ingredient on the plate stands for something and below, I listed them with vegan alternatives ; )

Horseradish for Maror – Check out Silver Spring Organic Prepared Horseradish.  It’s certified organic by Oregon Tilth as well as kosher. Or make your own with all organic, natural ingredients.

Parsley for Karpas – Opt for local as well as organic.

Charoset – Use your favorite charoset recipe and be sure to make it with organic and locally sourced ingredients!

Eggs for Baytzah – For vegans, go for an organic chunk of pan fried or baked tofu instead of the hard boiled egg.

The Shank Bone – A dog’s bone shape biscuit is always a fun substitute!

The Meal – There are all sorts of great Kosher recipes for Passover.  From matzo ball soup to vegan gefilte fish, there are lots of ways to green your Passover menu.  But the best rule of thumb is simply to get as many organic and local ingredients as possible, regardless of where you get your recipes. Beyond that, if you’re looking to lower your impact, try serving a vegetarian or better yet, vegan meal! Check out this week’s recipes!

The Service – If you can, try to use reusable cups, wine glasses, plates, and silverware. This way, you’ll have the least amount of disposable waste — and of course, make sure you put your dishes in the dishwasher!  It’s far more water efficient than washing by hand.


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