vegan barcelona toursAs Barcelona officially declared itself ¨veg-friendly, friend of vegan and vegetarian culture¨, it is no longer a challenge for us vegans and veggie lovers alike to find vegan-friendly restaurants and shopping areas in the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. These are indeed wonderful news as the initiative does not only come as support for vegan and vegetarian travelers but it is also an incredible way to raise awareness to protect our environment and planet, show more compassion and allow other beings their right for freedom and justice. 

The iconic mediterranean diet has flourished in a new, more sustainable direction and the distinguished tapas-style culture thrives on diverse healthy and organic ingredients. Clearly, with so many options, we won´t find it hard to find vegan food in Barcelona. But what about the hidden little places and carefully kept vegan secrets that only locals come across? The team behind the creative project Vegan Food Tours has done the digging so that we don´t have to! 

Vegan Food Tours invites you to embark on a vegan culinary journey through Barcelona and taste the rich Spanish food culture the vegan way while exploring the unique neighborhoods  of the city through a complete guided tour delivered by a local. As the most vegetarian and vegan restaurants do an eclectic mix of international food, Vegan Food Tours has particularly chosen restaurants with distinctive and unique concepts and selected their most prominent vegan dishes that would represent the authentic Spanish cuisine. 

You will taste classic Spanish dishes such as vegan Paella, Croquetas, Patatas Bravas, Pan Con Tomate and other delicacies such as Eggplant mousse, Tomato and Avocado Tartar accompanied with ecological wine or fresh cold-pressed green and fruit juices. All ingredients are organic, seasonal and local and the water used for cooking is filtered and served as a more ecological option than mineral bottled water. Finally, a secret vegan dessert is served to complete the tour.

You will explore the best neighborhoods on a walking tour and experience each city´s notorious architecture first-hand. Informative, friendly and professional local guides will share their knowledge, historical and fun facts and will reveal some of the best kept vegan secrets and places. Ultimately, because eating is about being together you will meet and connect with like-minded people, sharing emotions, sensations and perceptions in a dialogue conducted by the poetry of your senses. 


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