how to beat the sedentary lifestyle bluesYou go to work each day not necessarily because you want to, but because you have to. There are days when you feel exhausted, but you have no choice but to keep working; otherwise, you can’t provide for your family.

Your bad habits at work could also adversely affect your health.

Not observing proper posture

You place yourself at substantial risk if you don’t have proper posture when working. If you spend several hours on your computer, you have to notice your posture; otherwise, you will hurt your back. It’s the reason why a lot of people develop office syndrome. You need a conscious effort to straighten your back while working. Adjust your chair’s height or replace the office table to make it suitable for your needs.

Eating late

You might want to finish your tasks, and you forget to eat on time. Regardless of how busy you are with work you need to eat as scheduled. You have to drop everything when it’s time to eat; otherwise, you’ll get used to that schedule, and it’s going to have adverse effects on your health.

Working overtime

Yes, even if you’re a dedicated employee, it doesn’t mean you have to work overtime all the time. It doesn’t even matter if you’re getting paid for those extra hours. You have to see to it that when work time is over, you leave. You still have the next day to deal with pending tasks. You won’t get fired for not finishing everything within the same day. If you’re already rushing the process because you’re late, it means that there’s something wrong with how you manage your time. You need to do better with your schedule.

Keeping snacks in your drawer

It’s problematic if you always have a stash of snacks in your drawer. The worst part is that you might settle for unhealthy options. Also, if you eat small quantities of snacks over a few hours, you might forget to eat lunch. You let go of healthy meals because your sweet snacks might tell you that you’re already full even if you’re not.

Sitting for hours

You can’t do anything if it’s the nature of your job to sit for long hours. You have to face the computer all the time. It doesn’t mean though that you have to avoid exercising. There are simple exercises that you can do at work. You also have to go to the gym or get involved in other physical activities to make up for the number of hours you spend sitting at work.

Using your mobile device and laptop

Apart from posture issues, your use of these gadgets could be detrimental because they produce radiation. The good thing is you can use EMF blockers like the ones at to prevent radiation from harming you. It’s useful in ensuring that you don’t suffer because of radiation.

You have to find a way to avoid these harmful actions at work.

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