Dairy Free DietIf you’ve often heard about people going dairy-free, you might have wondered what all the fuss is about. The reality is, more and more people are choosing this for their lifestyle and are raving about the benefits.

If you’re unsure whether dairy-free is for you, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at why more and more people are deciding to go dairy free and how it could be better for your health.

Better for people with allergic reactions

If you’re allergic to dairy, then you should be dairy-free already. You’d be surprised how many people still consume dairy even though it causes them adverse reactions. Allergic reactions aren’t always easy to spot unless they’re obvious, and some allergies might not present the extreme symptoms that you’re used to hearing about. If you’re unsure, visit a doctor.

Improves digestion

Lactose intolerance is probably the number one reason many people stop consuming dairy. If you suffer from it – then it’s a no-brainer. Again, visit a doctor if you’re unsure. Gut health can be improved dramatically by going dairy-free, although there are still some important nutrients contained in milk and other dairy so you need to do some further research and make sure it’s right for you beforehand.

Better for weight-loss

Going dairy free can be a good way to reduce calorie intake and start living a healthier lifestyle. While some dairy can be ok, lots of it is unhealthy. Cheese is more calorific than you might think, so cutting most of it out of your diet could help you achieve the weight-loss goals you’ve been after.

It could be better for bone health

That’s right, some studies have actually shown that too much dairy could be bad for your bone and joint health. This might fly against popular opinion but you can still get strong bones without consuming a lot of dairy.

Improved cholesterol

Another reason more people are trying to stop consuming dairy is because it’s bad for cholesterol levels especially butter. If you want to reduce your cholesterol, try going dairy free.

Reduces additional hormones entering the system

Dairy can have a lot of additional hormones in it, particularly because of the way it’s farmed and produced. If you want to stop some of these hormones getting in your system, cutting out dairy could be right for you.

You can still get protein elsewhere

Many people think that dairy is one of the only ways to get good quality protein, especially those who rely on whey. That’s really not the case. There are tons of good protein sources out there nuts and seeds and more.

Try some pea protein powder shakes instead of whey ones. You can even get the same flavors your used to and they pack as much protein per calorie as you get from traditional protein shakes.


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