eco cleaningThe first thing that comes to mind when considering the health benefits of cleaning are the obvious benefits of hygiene. Clean workspaces and utensils in the kitchen, sparkling bathrooms and fresh clothes all help you avoid the contamination of harmful germs and the embarrassment of unpleasant smells. Cleanliness keeps pests and diseases at bay, and having good standards of hygiene in your home and personally will make a big difference in limiting the spread of common illnesses and infections. However, there is more to cleaning than the hygiene alone; it can also help you with your happiness and improve your mental wellbeing.

The Catch-22 of cleaning

Unless you are a total slob, then having a clean and tidy environment to live in makes you feel happy and contented. Conversely, if everything is in chaos and you are constantly fighting a losing battle with mess, it can make you frustrated and unhappy. There are several major issues when it comes to housework though, the first of which is time. Everyone leads busy, stressful lives, and finding time for cleaning can be a bit of a challenge. Added to the time problem is the enthusiasm deficit; the fact that most people don’t really enjoy cleaning and would rather be doing something else. You are then in a kind of Catch-22 situation – you’re unhappy because the house needs cleaning, but you’re also unhappy at the prospect of having to spend time cleaning it.

The answer to the problem

One answer is to try and find ways to change how you feel about having to clean. Find new approaches to cleaning methods; new products that make cleaning easier; and ways to entertain yourself while carrying out the cleaning, like listening to music or an audiobook. The other option is to get some help. You could employ a maid service to clean for you on a regular basis, then you will always be sure of a clean and tidy home without having to deal with it yourself. You might find that the problem is not so much the day to day cleaning, but that your home needs a deep clean or an extensive declutter to get everything in order first. In this case, you could employ a cleaning firm to give your house a spring clean. If you have serious issues with your home, there are specialist firms who can deal with almost any kind of cleaning job or decluttering, such as MedTech. Once the house is cleaned properly top to bottom, you’ll then be far better placed to deal with cleaning and tidying on a day to day basis.

Cleaning is important for your physical health, and makes a positive contribution to your mental wellbeing. Having tidy, uncluttered, hygienic surroundings gives you a boost even when you’re feeling low, so it’s worth getting to grips with your cleaning issues and finding ways to get past your difficulties. Whether you change your own practises to make cleaning easier and more enjoyable, or you employ someone else to get everything ship-shape, it will be worth the effort as you’ll be far happier living in clean and ordered surroundings.

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  1. I’m glad you pointed out that if your home is in chaos and constantly messy, it can affect your personality and make you frustrated or unhappy. I’ve been feeling really tired for the last few weeks, and I’ve noticed the state of my home is an a gradual decline. It can be really discouraging, so I think I’ll take your advice and hire a professional cleaning service!

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