healthy new year recipesYou are what you eat. The nutrients you get from food are responsible for keeping you healthy and energetic. But, sometimes, your body needs a boost in order to absorb those nutrients properly. What’s more, balancing your diet properly is always better for your body and well-being. In that respect, as dangerous as it is to eat junk food, it can be as dangerous to follow strict diets that reduce your food intake considerably. You can easily improve your health by consuming various foods and drinks as long as you know how to go about our diet.

Opt for fresh and organic produce

As you can imagine, fruits and vegetables are a must if you want to get as many vitamins from your food as possible. However, produce that’s been plucked soon loses its nutrient value. In that respect, it would be best to buy fresh fruits and veggies only. This may mean refraining from buying more of these in favour of buying only the amount that you’ll use for a day or two. Furthermore, always go organic if possible. Chemicals used to boost growth and repel insects often leaves fruits and veggies even harmful for one’s health.

Try your best to eat slowly

Are you trying to lose weight? If that’s the case, you can still enjoy your favourite food as long as you make it a point to eat slowly and chew properly. These days, people tend to gulp down their meals just to get it over with but that’s a huge mistake. Not only does this mean that you won’t get as many nutrients from your food as you would if you chewed properly, but it also means that you’ll eat more food than you actually need. But, when you chew properly and eat slowly, the food you eat will digest thoroughly and you’ll notice that you’re not hungry a lot faster. That way, you’ll still get to enjoy the food, feel its benefits and regulate your portions for weight loss.

Healthy fats are essential

Just because you see the word “fat”, it doesn’t mean it has to be necessarily bad for you. Actually, plenty of vitamins need the help of healthy fats to get properly absorbed into the bloodstream. What’s more, if you enrich your diet with healthy fats you won’t crave the unhealthy ones as much. In general, nuts and avocado and flaxseeds, are all great sources of healthy fats that will satisfy your hunger and cravings yet still keep you healthy.

Juices, coffee and alcohol

Fresh fruit juice is probably the only type of juice you should consume if you’re careful about your health. What’s more, this can be a great solution for those of you who don’t really like fruit. Certain studies have shown that vitamin absorption from fruit can be even better when the fruit is consumed in the form of a freshly squeezed juice.

When it comes to coffee and alcohol, you don’t need to give them up completely. After all, it’s not healthy to ban the joy of these drinks completely for your emotional state. But, never go overboard! One cup of coffee in the morning is more than enough! When it comes to alcohol, it should be obvious that you shouldn’t abuse it either. If possible, replace all your alcoholic drinks with delicious natural wine. The natural aspect means that they’re produced by natural fermentation from hand-picked grapes, which is certainly better for you.

Pair your food the right way

Sometimes you don’t feel so good after consuming certain foods, but more often than not, that poor feeling is due to the not-so-great food pairings. If you take the time to pair different foods the right way, you’ll get to enjoy different items even more.  Mixing vegetables with olive oil will help your body absorb the nutrients better. Boost your iron intake by pairing tofu with red pepper. Want some onions? Pair them with rice. Not sure what type of fruit yoghurt to make? Go with strawberries and cereal. Kale will increase vitamin D absorption while avocado and tomatoes will boost vitamin A. For dessert, you can always go with the healthy choice of banana and peanut butter combo.

In order to make the most out of the food you eat and improve your digestion so that you don’t have to worry about weight implications as much, it’s essential that you maintain your gut health, but don’t hesitate to take some probiotic supplements either.

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