college off campusIf you think back to your teenage years, you can likely conjure up a range of memories. Some could include the amazing people that you met along the way as well as the embarrassing experiences you had, one thing that you can’t escape as a teenager is adolescence and the many challenges that come along with it. If you have teenagers, then you may be thinking about how you can tackle these years and make it out in one piece. In the following article, you’ll find resources that could help you along the way.


Having a teenage girl means you can expect periods to start coming at any moment, which can be a frightening reality for you as a parent, and even more so for your teen. Prepare them for having a period by providing them with as many resources as possible. Also, answer any questions that they may have and be sure they understand what’s happening to the body during a menstrual cycle and why.

Try gifting them a few books to read like The Care and Keeping of You or Growing Up: It’s a Girl Thing. Once they’ve gone through the books, have a discussion with them about what they took from it and what they can apply in their lives.

If you have a teenage boy, educate him on how his voice may break and facial hair could begin growing. Going through healthy ways of managing the emotional challenges he’ll have so they’re expressed in the right way, is crucial as well.


The good news about teens and drugs is that the overall use of illegal drugs by teenagers is said to have decreased as of 2018. However, this doesn’t mean a number of teens aren’t still pressured into drugs and battling with addictions. Some signs of addiction include changes in their appetite or sleep pattern, withdrawal from important activities, or a noticeable change in their spending habits.

If you do find out your teen is battling with an addiction, get them professional help. You could take them to a reputable rehab center in Georgia you can find nearby. 

Sexual Health

When or before your teenagers begin their adolescent years, it’s essential that you discuss relationships and their sexual health. Educate them on sex as early as possible so that they’re aware of what they can do to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Planned Parenthood has some useful resources for parents, such as links to other websites and a list of books that discuss sexuality. Try being as open as possible so that your kids feel comfortable opening up and have the discussion more than once. Also, try the Center for Parent & Teen Communication as they have an abundance of information too.

Personal Development

Every parent wants to know that their child is developing at the pace that’s they’re expected to. There are resources out there capable of giving you advice on how to keep up with their development and get them extra support if need be. The Parent Toolkit, for instance, gives you advice and information for every grade level. Produced by NBC News Learn, you’ll get information about all areas of their development.

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