plaine productsWe all need shampoo, soap and body wash, right? They are daily needs and monthly expenses and for those of us who use all natural, eco-friendly products, we know that that monthly expense is a bit more pricey than most.  However, my friends at Plaine Products have a solution!

A family-owned and operated, environmentally-friendly company in the United States provides Plaine with custom, small batch, private label products. They are passionate about using superior ingredients and are associated with some of the finest resorts in the world. They specialize in luxury, all natural products and their unique formulas are carefully selected from nature’s most nutrient and vitamin-rich plants, minerals, and renewable sources.

You’ll find they only include things that you can pronounce, no multiple-syllable chemicals. In addition to being vegan, non GMO, and organic, our products are free of sulfates, parabens, and toxins, making them safe for kids, much softer on colored hair than typical shampoo and recommended for those of us who have sensitive skin.

Most bathrooms are filled with plastic bottles that will only be used once before they head to the garbage or recycling can. While recycling plastic is always a good idea, experts agree that it isn’t a solution. Only 5 – 10% of plastic is reclaimed for recycling. Even when it is recycled, most plastic still eventually ends up in a landfill or in our lakes and oceans. Its so bad that in just a few decades, there might be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish. That’s because plastic never really goes away, it’s designed to last forever. It’s hard to imagine, but all of the plastic that’s ever been made is still here, somewhere on the earth.

While plastic makes life (and bottling) easier, we knew there had to be a better way. They decided to use aluminum bottles for several reasons. Unlike plastic, aluminum is able to be completely recycled without any loss in quality at a fraction of the initial production costs and energy requirements. The bottles are strong enough to survive a number of trips – so they will be well worn before we recycle them. Historically, aluminum has proven to be one of the most important materials in successful recycling programs. They are easily cleaned and sterilized, so we can ensure that our bottles are safe to use again and again.

Plaine Products chose to work with EcoEnclose, their boxes are made from a mix of 95% post-consumer waste and 5% post-industrial waste. Absolutely NO new materials are used in the manufacturing of their green shipping cartons. Best of all, EcoEnclose worked with us to develop boxes that will stand up to shipping refills and returning empty jars to be refilled and reused.

In the past it’s often been the environment versus the economy, but the Plaine Product’s model supports both. Plaine Products is designed to be part of the circular economy, which functions more like a natural ecosystem – nothing is ever wasted. Also, by cleaning and reusing the jars Plaine Products is able to create jobs. Research indicates that reuse and remanufacture create 8 – 20 jobs per thousand tons of material compared to 5-10 jobs created per thousand tons of material by traditional recycling.

You can buy as you need or join their subscription program, either way it’s a great choice for you as well as the environment! And that’s why Plaine Products are Healthy Voyager Approved!

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