Healthy, vegan and gluten free food in Lake Powell, ArizonaPulling into Page was a bit confusing as the town seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis. Some businesses said we were in Page and some in Lake Powell. And some had both!! Either way, we were pleasantly surprised with what Page/Lake Powell had to offer a few drifters like us.

We were only going to spend the night on our way out of the Grand Canyon and into Zion but ended up finding some neat-o stuff. After having a yummy lunch at the Dam Bar and Grill (where I had a pretty good chinese chicken salad, sans chicken) and a soy latte at the neighboring coffee shop, we hopped over to the gift shop. Looking through the post cards we discovered that there were slot canyon tours 5 minutes from where we were so we headed right over.

At the Mandarin Gourmet, a chinese restaurant, veggie and vegan meals can be made upon request. Yet another option for health conscious folks heading to the lake for some fun or through town on the way to other southwestern exploration! You can find them at 683 South Lake Powell Boulevard, Page, AZ 86040, (928) 645-5516.

Make sure to visit Antelope Canyon is the most photographed slot canyon in Northern Arizona. It appears like a crack in the rocks from the top but once down below, the caverns are lit from above and are absolutely stunning.On our way out of town we drove over the Glen Canyon Dam and had to stop for a quick photo op!

So if you visit Page to take a nice boat tour of Lake Powell or an adventure through some extraordinary slot canyons, I would suggest the Dam Bar & Grill or Mandarin Gourmet. They were super nice and had no problem accommodating an herbivore ; ) Enjoy the area!


  1. Just got back from Page myself 🙂 We have been through Antelope Canyon ourselves last year, aren’t they just beautiful! I didn’t get a chance to visit the restaurants you mentioned, but will remember next time we go there…thanks!

  2. I was just there also (wonder if we passed each other?) and ate at Blue Buddha, an incredible sushi/Japanese place with a super hip zen vibe. All the food was healthy, local, fresh and veggie-oriented and there were lots of options that would work for vegan as well.

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