healthy skinIf you’re a frequent traveler, you know what a toll living on the road can take on your skin. The wind will make it dry, the sun will make it flaky and the irregular diet will make it dull. However, you can come back home from your journeys with a beautiful complexion if you try using these tips.

Get small packages

The biggest bother about traveling is packing. But, you don’t have to cram your entire beauty and hygiene cupboard into your suitcase to have everything at hand! After all, why would you need your 16-oz bottle of body lotion for a one-week trip! So, instead, get small travel-sized products or grab empty bottle kits perfect for traveling and fill them with your fave products. These empty bottles are super cheap and can be used and reused many, many times.

Make it easy to conduct

Your ten-step Korean skincare routine might work at home, but it will be impossible to follow on the road. So, opt for something very simple and minimalist. For instance, opt for cleansing, moisturizing and putting on sunscreen and voila! For the evening, ditch your sunscreen and replace it with an eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes and you’ll look amazing in the morning.

Just stay moisturized

Keeping your skin moisturized is probably the most important step when traveling. If you can choose only one product to use on the road, make it a moisturizer. While keeping your face moist is obviously a priority (it gets the most damage from wind and sun) don’t dare neglect your body. Pick something natural and effective like almond moisturizer from L’Occitane that will keep your body smooth, healthy and rejuvenated. No matter if you’re traveling somewhere tropical where you’ll be wearing a lot of shorts and tank tops or somewhere cold where you’ll be buried under thick pants and jackets, your skin will feel the effects of abuse. So, feed it with good products every time you come to your hotel room.

Use natural products

Since traveling exposed you to all sorts of harmful effects from dry cabin air to climate changes and less-than-perfect hygiene conditions, it’s time to give your skin a break from all the toxins. Check the label of your products and make sure they are natural and free of any toxic chemicals and other things that could further irritate your skin. This way, you’ll reduce some of your dryness issues and come back from your trip glowing!

Pamper your skin

After a particularly long day of plane hopping and city exploring, make sure to give your skin a treat by grabbing a face mask. Just imagine the relaxation of sipping cocktails in your room, watching Netflix and having a face mask. And the best thing is that those nutritional sheet face masks are so light and tiny that you can pack a few and not even notice it in your luggage!

Ditch makeup

Do you wear makeup every day? Why? It’s probably because you feel the pressure to look your best and fit in with the rest of the perfectly painted women around you. But, when you’re traveling and when you’re on your vacation, you can completely ditch your makeup and allow your face to return to its former pre-makeup glow. Plus, no one knows you where you’re going and you can be your authentic self. If you just can’t go bare-faced, limit your makeup to BB Cream and some mascara and you’re done!

Eat well

What you eat has a huge effect on your skin, especially on your face. If you eat a lot of refined sugars and fill your body with carbs and dairy every day on your travels, you can expect your skin to show the world your nasty eating habits. So, make sure your skin reflect only what’s good by eating a clean diet. Sure, that’s often hard on the road, when you have all those empanadas in Mexico and pizza in Italy, but an occasional salad will not kill you. Add some olive oil and vinegar to it and your skin will glow. One clean, wholesome and natural meal a day will do wonders for your skin and your energy levels. Combine that will all the walking, hiking, mountain climbing and swimming you’re doing and you’ll come back fitter than you left!

Stay hydrated

This one’s easy. Just grab a quality reusable bottle and make sure to fill it a few times a day. These are super practical and can be carried wherever you go. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water while flying since the cabin air is very dry and you can get dehydrated quickly.

While traveling, it’s most important to stay hydrated and protected from the sun. When you come back home, you’ll have plenty of time to conduct your long skin-care routine, but when you’re traveling, you have much more interesting things to do. So, as long as you keep your skin moist, protected, nurtured and fed from the outside and inside, you’ll be more than radiant!

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