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As of June the 16th 2017, a new, highly controversial health documentary hit the ever popular Netflix network. “What the Health”, executively produced by Joaquin Phoenix covers breaking ground about the food industry.

When I decided to watch this documentary I thought, oh well, this was just going to be another documentary putting emphasis on junk food, warning people to stay away from sugar and fat. Boy, was I surprised.

Kim Anderson, the narrator of the documentary, puts in exceptional effort contacting Diabetes and Cancer Centers in the United States and asks uncomfortable questions often getting unfavorable answers.

In this documentary one learns that eating any type of animal protein can cause diabetes and cancers. It even challenges the myth that chicken is better for you than red meat.

The Sad Reality

What saddened me the most was the treatment of the animals that were to be slaughtered. They were all cooped up, barely able to move. One could see, and feel, the pain in their eyes of the knowledge that their lives were being sacrificed. Besides that, their environment was highly toxic and very unhygienic.

What made me queasy was when the documentary delved into dairy explaining that within the milk that is on offer to the public, lies a ton of pus. I literally stared at my block of “delicious” Gouda cheese that evening unable to touch it, let alone eat it. This is serious to me as I am a complete cheese connoisseur.

I must say that for one week after watching the documentary I basically turned vegan. I couldn’t look at the eggs in my fridge the same way and the chicken in my freezer lay frozen. Even the gourmet chocolate asking me to eat it lay untouched. This didn’t last long though as I was brought up on a diet of meat, cheese and eggs and my body was feeling it badly. 

Good News

A wonderful part of this documentary is when he interviews overweight, unhealthy people that are on a ton of medication, even one lady that can barely walk. After a few weeks he revisits them and they look fantastic. Their skin is glowing, they have lost a lot of weight and are off a lot of their medication just because they have been following a plant based diet.

He interviews athletes that have beautiful, enviable bodies who are also amazingly strong who follow only plant based diets. Throughout the documentary it is emphasized that the strongest animals on Earth – elephants and rhinos for example all live on a plant based diet.

For most of us who eat varied diets but aren’t getting enough nutritional needs for the body there are a range of wonderful dietary supplements by Research Verified for every ailment and affliction from hair growth to weight loss and colon cleanses – and don’t we all know a clean colon promotes better overall health! For more information, we suggest you read a review for Research Verified – after all, knowledge is power.

One thing is for sure though. There should be a message for the youth growing up in today’s society that animals and living things don’t have to die in order for our race to survive. If just given enough time to explore vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, one can have a varied, delicious diet filled with enough proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to keep one satiated, energised and craving-free. There is a lovely article by WebMD explaining how you can eat a balanced vegan diet if you are not sure where to start.


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