Tips That Work To Get You Clear Beautiful SkinIf you’ve ever attempted to read the ingredients listed on your beauty products, toiletries, or medicines you’ll know that they are almost impossible to pronounce and sound uncomfortably chemical. To then consume or apply these products to your skin seems illogical, and rightly so. Luckily, the market for natural remedies is growing by the day. With more and more interest and investment, there are now thousands of products available to change your bathroom cabinet from being full to the brim with toxins to being a plant based haven. Finding alternatives and even making your own at home has never been easier, and these helpful tips should help to give you an idea of where to start.


Many skincare products advertise containing fruit extract and believe this gives them the right the say that its ‘natural’. Of course this isn’t usually true, they likely contain harmful chemicals that act as preservatives or drying agents. There are many plant based alternatives for you to try, and even just pure nut butters like shea and cocoa or pure oils like coconut and olive can serve the same purpose and sometimes work even better. Making your own sustainable skincare needn’t be hard; a great place to start is by making your own natural face mask from common produce in your kitchen. By doing this you’re able to feel and recognize the different components that make up the finished product, and ensure the freshness and quality. Common ingredients include honey, known for its antiseptic and moisturizing properties, and sugar, if you’re looking for a gentle scrub. Besides homemade, there are many businesses dedicated to producing environmentally friendly substitutes but always do some research into the company and their ethics before buying. If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly option check to see whether they sell in China, as similarly to the lies they some tell about their products being natural, they may advertise being vegan whilst still testing ingredients or products on animals to gain permission to be a part of the Chinese market.

Aches & Pains

When your joints or muscles aren’t playing ball, it’s easy to reach for the over the counter mass-produced option sat in the cabinet harbouring a seemingly infinite expiry date. However your go-to remedy might not actually be the best choice for you or the planet. Regularly taking these sorts of medicines can actually do more harm than good, even leading to stomach ulcers and liver/kidney problems in more serious cases when consumed excessively. A simple ginger root is a great alternative and can help you in so many different ways – it blocks the formation of inflammatory cells and also is said to have antioxidant properties too. Ginger can be consumed in tea or cooked into some delicious dishes and even found in capsule form, so it couldn’t really be more accessible. For something a little more alternative, look for the best CBD oils for pain relief and other ailments, as the manufacturing process is often close to carbon neutral.


Finding eco-friendly makeup that lives up to the same standards as your older less natural choice can seem like a completely fruitless endeavour. Many companies got it quite wrong by removing ingredients without properly replacing them with alternatives, leading to a bad reputation all around for chemical free makeup. Fortunately, even in the past year the brands endorsing more sustainable methods and ingredients have increased dramatically, so growing competition meant products had to be worthwhile. There’s so much information available online regarding where to shop and what to buy, so don’t be afraid to spend some time reading through reviews of the products and service. Various DIY substitutes are simple to make – even vegan makeup brush cleaner can be crafted in no time at all. Hopefully by using more natural skincare like the examples mentioned before, you won’t feel the need to wear as much make up due to your skin being in a healthier condition anyway.

Go Plastic Free

A lot of plastic packaging can be found in a bathroom cabinet. Plastic is destroying many different ecosystems across the world, and it’s up to us as consumers to demand another option. Some companies have already listened, as there are many products contained in recycled plastic wrapping or a more sustainable substitute. Several everyday products have also become eco-friendly, and items like bamboo toothbrushes fly off the shelves as you might expect. Living completely plastic free is tough, because up until very recently no one properly acknowledged the dangers that a mass manufactured non-biodegradable material might pose. But it’s the small steps that matter, and swapping even a couple of your regular items for plastic-free alternatives can make a difference.

Period Essentials

Sanitary towels and tampons are being more widely recognised as unhealthy. Many have perfumes and deodorants in the material, which can alter your pH level and encourage illnesses. The materials used are also synthetic, meaning they block out any fresh air and force temperatures to increase, allowing yeast and bacteria to multiply. Tampons can also cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be deadly. Not only are they bad for women, they also harm the environment. They aren’t recyclable and don’t degrade, so they take up more and more space on landfills every year. You’ll be glad to know there are much safer and greener substitutes, such as organic cloth pads and menstrual cups. By investing in one of these options you will spend less in the long run whilst helping to sustain the natural order of things down there, and create a minimal amount of waste in the process.

With this information in mind, you should be able to slowly begin switching up your usual toiletries to an all round kinder alternative. Taking care of yourself whilst taking care of the planet is more than possible, so go and discover some ways to be creative and make your own products or find the best brands to help you do your bit for mother nature whilst looking and feeling amazing.

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