african safariAre you planning to travel to Africa and you are a bit afraid of the potential health threats you might encounter there? You have no reason to worry. This article will list all the things you need to consider as a tourist in Africa, from vaccines that you need to get from raising awareness on some affections that are popular in this location. A trip to Uganda can be the experience of your life, as long as you are careful about the surroundings and only engage in organized activities. Here are the tips that should help you put together your next trip to Africa safely:

Africa immunization

Diseases that may be uncommon in your hometown are quite often encountered in Africa, which means you’ll have to get protection against them. When you travel to Africa, there is a series of travel vaccines that you will have to get, regardless of your current location. The African continent is the host of many endemic diseases, so you don’t want to risk catching a disease that can be deadly in severe cases. Set an appointment with your doctor and see what he recommends for your next trip. The most common vaccines protect against yellow fever or malaria. Later in this article, you will get to know what diseases affect travelers who don’t get the right medication before such a trip.


Here are the things you should keep in mind before traveling to Africa:

  • Malaria and mosquitos

Mosquitos transmit malaria in Africa, which is a very dangerous disease. Mosquitos can be found in all open spaces, so doctors recommend that travelers should administrate anti-malaria medicine for prevention. Moreover, using insect repellents and clothing that covers as much skin as possible is a necessity. Protecting yourself from insect bites will keep you away from unpleasant situations or catching a disease.

  • Water-borne illnesses

Many illnesses in Africa come from the quality of water, and it is highly paramount to stay away from infected sources of water. As a tourist, make sure to drink bottled water only. Drinking contaminated water will lead to intestinal infections. You should be prepared with medication as well, in case the contamination occurs. Often, foods are also contaminated because of the water used for preparing them. Choose a trustful accommodation method and safe restaurants to avoid contamination. Fungal and parasitic infection often occur because people walk barefoot near the water. Avoid doing that and wear at least sandals while in the city and boots for hiking or trekking.

  • Intense sun exposure

Want to try the famous Uganda safari? Amazing experience, but pay attention to sun exposure. You’ll spend a lot of time in the jungle and protecting yourself against the sun is an absolute must. Buy good sunscreen and pack some sun hats for your trip. Intense sun exposure can lead to numerous health issues such as severe sunburn. Don’t forget to pack some bottles of water in your safari adventure as well. It will last a few hours and you want to stay hydrated during the trip.

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