wellnessFrom school shootings to suicide rates no one feels comfortable talking about publicly, it’s obvious that we have a mental health problem in America. While Healthy Voyager generally focuses on traveling and how to eat better, mental health is in fact a large part of how we live healthy. So today, we’re going to be discussing how we can take better care of our mental wellness.

Keep Active

The first thing that comes to mind is to remember to stay active. This is especially important in today’s world, as seemingly everyone’s lives revolves around a computer screen. Staying active will get your blood flowing, and will help release important chemical substances, such as dopamine, into your system. This helps fight off any ill feelings.

Your Diet is Important

Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t discuss dieting, however did you know that mental health and dieting is intertwined? According to various research, your diet plays an important part in the state of your mental health. Making simple changes can drastically reduce the effects of depression.

Don’t Forget Your Hobbies

Yes, work is important. It’s what enables us to do what we want in life. Money is in fact important. But, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your mental health. It’s simply not worth the cost. You’ll end up paying for it ten times more down the line. In short, work will always be there. Remember to step back, take a break, and go do your favorite hobbies. You only live once; you may as well enjoy it as much as you can.

Stay Hydrated

While this is also technically part of your diet, I don’t mean this in that way. Regardless of your food diet, staying hydrated is good for your mental health. It allows you to stay focused and sharp. It improves your concentration and cognition. It will help give you the liquids you’ll need when you’re (hopefully) exercising later in the day, after work.

Just Talk

You know you’ve always heard that good communication is likely the most important skill a person can acquire in life. Why is this? It’s because humans are emotional beings. It is built in us that we need to connect with one another. Imagine a world in which you’re all alone. Actually, don’t. It’s scary. Don’t forget to reach out to someone to talk to. A family member. A friend. Granted many people need professional support, in which case you should go see a therapist. There are 90 million people in the US who live with a mental health disorder. I can confidently say that many of these cases can be reversed if they would simply open up to someone. And while people have complained in the past that they would love to, but that therapy is too expensive, modern technology has brought down the price drastically. Companies like Betterhelp and 7 Cups of Tea have offered therapy via their platforms either for free or for a deeply discounted rate. By the way, these companies shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many reviews online detailing the authenticity and helpfulness of the service.

There are many things you can do to properly take care of your mental health. Small changes in your diet, or in your work/life balance, can make a massive difference in your life. You should start feeling happier and see an immediate improvement in your mental wellbeing. If you’re someone who’s feeling like they’re in the dumps, follow the above steps to get out of that rut. Remember, you only live once. Go out and enjoy your life. Get better. These small changes are in your hands.

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