healthy holiday travelThe holidays are undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year for travel. With all the “hustle and bustle” the risk for having an accident, getting hurt, or even just feeling stressed is higher than other times of the year.

Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, here are some traveling tips to consider staying happier, healthier, and safer as you travel through the holidays and into the new year.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is always essential while you’re traveling and probably even more so during the busy holiday season. If you’re going on a family road trip, you can plan ahead by paying attention to the weather forecast, check out the map before you rely on the GPS, and pack the car with weather appropriate items, such as an emergency kit.

If you’re flying somewhere, it’s always important to show up to the airport early. Traveling experts recommend arriving at the airport about two hours before you’re scheduled to take off and add an extra hour on if you’re traveling during the holidays.

Even though planning ahead can help you to be better prepared for your trip and will likely help you to feel less stressed out, it’s important to remember that plans can change at any time. Weather and other factors can turn travel plans upside down (and you rarely have any control), so it’s a good idea to go with the flow and have a Plan B, if possible.

Try to Stay Calm

The holidays can stir up a lot of emotions for many people and traveling, in general, can often be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re sitting next to someone on the plane who won’t stop talking or you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway, it’s important to stay calm.

When some people get stressed, irritated, and too overloaded with their emotions, they are more likely to have an altercation with a perfect stranger or even engage in reckless driving behavior; we see numerous instances of both in the news all the time.

Practice meditation or some stress-relieving techniques that will help to keep you a little more level-headed during the holiday season while you travel.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Let Others Know Your Travel Plans

Due to detours or flight cancellations, it’s not uncommon for travel plans to get changed without warning. As you walk through an airport or drive an unfamiliar route, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Stay alert and be focused.

It’s always a good idea to let others know of your travel plans, regardless if you are driving or flying. If your plans change, let someone know. You should also have an emergency contact number clearly labeled in your wallet or on your phone as this may come in handy if you are hurt in a serious car accident or if you had a medical emergency on an airplane.

Some Other Tips to Consider

There are many helpful tips to consider when traveling and here some friendly reminders to share with your friends and family:

  • Never drive distracted
  • Always dress for comfort
  • Using devices on a plane? Use headphones
  • Pack with enough room for souvenirs or presents
  • Have your car maintenanced before you hit the road
  • Never drink and drive and limit your drinks on a flight

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