vegan bahamian cuisineSo you’ve just started your new vegan lifestyle. That’s amazing! No matter your reasons for switching to a vegan diet, the impacts on your life are bound to be positive. But if you’re concerned by some of the price tags on vegan products during your grocery shopping trips, it can be tough to get in the groove of things. Let’s review some money-saving tips to help you thrive in your new vegan lifestyle.

Beware Trendy Packaged Foods

Those pre-packaged kale chips might look amazing, but for the amount of money you’re spending on that packaging, you could probably make ten times that amount of kale chips by yourself. Packaged food is designed to be so easy that we don’t even think about looking at the price tag. Anything for convenience, right? When you consider that the average American spends $1,800 on clothing every year, it’s time to start looking into other places you can save money besides your closet. Homemade is almost always more rewarding and less expensive.

Buy in Bulk

It’s almost always cheaper to buy things like grains, beans, pasta, and flour in bulk. Even nuts and dried fruits can be cheaper this way! When you buy in bulk, you’re eliminating the need to pay for packaging and you’re being a little kinder to the environment as well. As a bonus, you can bring your own bags to purchase bulk foods in.

Shop the Sales

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s worth giving you the reminder. Keeping an eye out for vegan items on sale is a must for saving money. This might be the best time to purchase those pre-packaged snacks you love so much. You’d buy your favorite wine if it was on sale, right? And if it’s Playful Peasant, made from vines planted in 1900, nobody could blame you. Sales offer an opportunity to treat yourself. And if you have the budget for it, stock up when an item you like is on sale. Frozen fruits and veggies are excellent items to stock up on when there’s a sale going on.

Don’t Waste Food

Food waste is one of the biggest culprits of budget failure. If you’re buying a new family-sized package of arugula every week because you can’t use it and it keeps going bad, you’re wasting food and money. Plan out your week in advance so you know exactly how much of which items you need from the grocery store. In addition, make sure to check “picked on” or “best by” dates on your food. There might be more than 2,800 medical clinics in the U.S., but you don’t want to rush to one for food poisoning treatment.

Beginning a vegan lifestyle is exciting. You’re taking a new, healthy step in your life and you need all the right tools to succeed. And with these money-saving tips, you should be on your way to vegan success in no time.

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